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  • On my way home

    That was poor, first half, missed 2 or 3 easy chances that would have put the game to bed, they duly scored with their first shot.
    Beale must be getting pissed off at this atrocious finishing, with Dykes again leading the way.

    However as bad as our finishing is the problem is midfield, totally overrun with Dozzell and Johanson putting in a pathetic display, they cannot pass, tackle or do anything constructive.
    Second half flat as players started getting frustrated, the introduction of Armstrong lifted the crowd, and boy is he quick and powerful, obviously has a lot to learn but scares defenders with his power.
    Thought Laird looks a fine prospect, however Paal worries me a bit, looks fairly weak in the tackle, however hopefully he will settle down.

    Chair again frustrating to watch, Roberts looks useful but faded in the second half.
    We badly need a strong horrible ####### in midfield to win possession, Dozzell and Johanson are a waste of space.
    Not sure why Bonne did not make the bench, maybe injured.
    This team will frustrate and excite in different games, I hope it’s more excite.

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    Totally agree with most of what you say , the bench just offers very little until Amos , Richards and willock fit but I think the latter will be gone soon and then there is scope for 2 or 3 players to come in we desperately need help up front and an attacking midfielder, then we will be ok and have some very good days


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      Ironically we need somebody like Josh Bowler, oh I forgot we inexplicably binned him off a couple of years back!


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        Thought we got good money for him from Everton


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          Would it help if Sj played in a more attacking position? In a way, I think so.
          Best team in the world
          Sort of


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            Just don’t think he’s got it in him anymore, looks to slow and knackered, always looking backwards, just not the player he was a couple of years ago , time to step aside


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              Originally posted by stainrod67 View Post
              Thought we got good money for him from Everton
              Yes, I stand corrected. I think it was about 1.5 mill. Though with hindsight it appears that it wasn't the best deal on the world.


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                Stefan surely can’t play many more minutes, wasn’t a mistake he was hooked, spent minutes either playing negative balls, standing still or just standing 5 years behind the game. #### poor and funny that one the ball was able to get forward we looked a lot better. Dozelll better second half once he was out the way.


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                  Tactically we got it so wrong tonight and it was always going to be the case that if they scored first we would never be able to break them down

                  that midfield is so poor too similar

                  Johansson was playing a testimonial in the first half
                  Dozzell seems scared to pass to anyone but Johansson
                  Field doesn't really know what his role is in this system.

                  the gap between our front players and midfield is massive and the lack of pace of pass coming from them is a real problem - the build up is so slow!

                  we needed to switch to a back 3 as Blackpool were happy to invite us on as they knew they could defend a one nil if we stayed in that formation

                  tonights on Beale i'm afraid


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                    This was the first game this season when it felt we totally reverted to the time wasting back-and-forth along the back line (until late in the second half). Don't get why it's so difficult to get defenders (including a stodgy SJ) to stop going backwards.

                    Also don't understand why we generally shy away from attacking up the middle, even when we are in the box and are one move away from a shot on goal. Instead it's to the wings, always to the wings.

                    I do agree with the comments above about our current (and even last year's) midfield play. We ARE being overrun, SJ cannot stop it from happening, and Dozzell/others too often look like passengers on a train stuck in reverse.

                    Absolutely want to retain Willock but admit it's tempting if we traded him for midfielders who have the brain and brawn to control the center of the pitch.

                    Finally, am thrilled with Sinclair and his potential, while also recognizing the value of Dykes' never-ending desire and hustle. Yes, the latter kinda sucked today with two missed goal opportunities that were handed to him, but still believe there is a player there.


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                      How after the first 10 mins we did close down the right flank with Bowler. It was a goal waiting to happen Which is down to the coaching team. Agree about SJ. But I'd give Dozzel another chance


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                        A really bad nite for us , we could be there til tomorrow and still not find a goal . Dykes had 3 decent chances first half , you have to.put one of them away . Again we are to slow in our build up . SJ , dozzell and field no pace , no bite and absolutely no vision . Armstrong has to start Saturday


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                          Still looks like a Warburton team. A lot of the same personnel and they are still playing the same way. Slow build up, side to side and then back again. Blackpool were breaking forward so quickly and although they saw less of the ball they looked more dangerous in attacking areas.

                          Our full backs tonight were well off it I thought. The new right back played a couple of good balls into the box but I thought they were both quite negative and went back a lot instead of carrying the ball forward. Hopefully the new lad will settle in but maybe it was the wrong option to throw him straight in after a day of training and no real competitive so far this season.

                          Stef has to be dropped surely Beale is seeing the same useless performance we all see week in week out. He would probably have to change the formation but for now I would go Field holding with Dozzell in with him until Amos/Richards is fit. Play two wide players (Chair/Willock/Roberts) but give them some freedom and go two up top (Dykes/Roberts/Armstrong/Bonne)

                          Dykes missed a couple of really good chances tonight however we all know he’s not a natural finisher we need to play to his strengths as he is our only out and out striker that we have. Play a bit more direct more often as he is a handful in the air and will win the flick ons or hold it up for runners to get in behind. Our slow build up doesn’t allow for this to happen and it needs to change we have to work with what we have and get the best out of them.

                          Praying Beale learns from tonight and changes it up again on Saturday as we can’t go two home games on the bounce with anything less than 3 points.


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                            MB said that they would be on the front foot, either he isn't telling us the truth or the players are taking no notice of him makes you wonder.
                            That performance was not acceptable the, midfield goes awol every game, the centre backs just passing it between them with the goalkeeper, what is going on at the club seems there is problems behind the scenes.
                            As for Johansen we need to bin him just strolling around going sideways and and backwards doesn't want to get stuck in if he had got stuck in for the goal they wouldn't have scored he just turned is back and not committed to put his body on the line to block the shot.
                            More inept performances like that we will be in the relegation zone in September.
                            All we have had is one decent 45 minutes in the season so far just carrying on from the end of last season being not existent on a football pitch.


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                              I think Johansen on the pitch hinders the whole team, but Chair in particular.
                              He seemed to become involved more and started carrying the ball.
                              And this ####ing tippy tapping going on between sj and defence is proper boiling my ####