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Ray Wilkins RIP

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  • Originally posted by OldR
    The point, which clearly flew over your head, is that it's not a sympathetic, heartfelt post but, on the contrary. a post aimed to improve people's perception of you...

    You don't care.
    I cant believe on such a sad day you are arguing and trying to belittle another

    You must be a very sad individual,show some respect and act your age


    • RIP Ray Wilkins. A sad day for stylish football. My thought goes out to his family and friends.
      Best team in the world
      Sort of


      • Sad sad news

        Thanks for those lovely memories with my old dad

        RIP Ray


        • Originally posted by Jimmy Floyd Rabbit View Post
          Fond memory of Ray was the night game we stuffed Leeds Utd 4-1 at home. They were flying high in the league.

          Ball came over into the paddock and Ray had come to receive it for the throw in. I just casually ambled over to the stray ball until Ray bellowed 'for f uck say son get your f ucking skates on will ya'

          After the game I saw him in the old players bar above the club shop & he came straight over & said 'sorry about that young man we had them on the move you see' to be honest he could of given me a right hook & I'd still of been in awe of him.

          Absolutely class act of a man.
          Superb mate

          I was privileged to be at Palace when he and Peter Reid played them off the park.

          This is really sad news.


          • Super Ray Super Ray Super Ray Wilkins

            I had the pleasure of meeting Ray many times when working at the club and he would always have time for a chat even
            just before games.My daughter back in the day was a runner and he would always speak to her in the dressing room area after games
            A real gentleman a great player for us especially,a real leader and a heart of gold.

            R.I.P. Ray and condolences to his family friends and everyone that new him........gone to soon


            • Rip ray my 1st real season of going to the loft he was the gaffer so memory’s sleep tight butch


              • Originally posted by Bill View Post
                I cant believe on such a sad day you are arguing and trying to belittle another

                You must be a very sad individual,show some respect and act your age
                Come on mate, let's not bicker. There's been enough nonsense on this thread already. Anyone could be reading this, let's just let people pay their respects.


                • Deeply sad news, a true sportsmen. Rest in Peace Ray.
                  I have supported Rangers for 50 seasons.


                  • Had a lovely touch on a ball. Ollie did the legwork. Press? Butch wouldn't know the meaning of the word.....

                    Good memories, keep smiling.


                    • Must admit when we signed him I thought he would be someone just getting a last payday and was well past his best. Couldn't have been more wrong. Totally professional and had real renaissance with us to the point was talk of an England recall. Great passer of the ball and influencer on the pitch. A pleasure to watch and fantastic example to other players and fan base.


                      • My first memory was him getting sent off in the World Cup! Absolute class player though and was brilliant for us. In fact from memory, people were saying that the 94 England side needed him given how well he was playing for us that season. Always came across as a nice chap too. Far too young.


                        • One of my mates who was a massive Rangers fan home and away from mid 70's onwards was dying of cancer aged 33 in St Mary's hospital and the club was contacted to ask if they could send a player along to give him a boost but instead of that Manager at the time Ray came to the hospital and spent time with him and cheered him up no end if anything meeting one of his big heroes put a few months on his life but he never forgot that Ray took time out of his day to visit him the guy was a real gentleman and an absolute legend in my book RIP Ray you won't be forgotten !


                          • Originally posted by OldR
                            I'm a sad individual?

                            Read back through this thread and then say that.

                            This idiot firstly sl'ag'd off a true Rangers legend and then, when he passes, rather than say something like 'I know I upset a lot of people with what I said but I know how popular he was with the majority of fans and I would like to add my condolences and may he rest in peace' he is the first to post and it's an emphatic post lacking any humanity or empathy and clearly done with an agenda.

                            And yet I'm the sad individual?

                            The #### should have been banned from posting to this thread.
                            Shut up you absolute egg. Agenda my arris.
                            Id already said untold times calling him a chelsea dick was wrong, even though i didnt mean him personally, just any and all chelsea fans are chelsea dicks and i really didnt think he would pass away either .
                            If i put anything more than i put it would of looked insincere after the furore. I posted with deep and true condolences. I watched him enough and he was an amazing footballer.
                            Some people just like to be angry over something.
                            And i also tried to get it taken down so people like you didnt have something to kick off over, but rules are rules so it had to stay so you could get your moment.
                            Last edited by Kevin Mcleod; 04-04-2018, 05:48 PM.


                            • Good lad Wilkins and a proper legend.



                              • RIP Ray, thoughts go out to your family.

                                Everyone please stop the arguing, Kev contacted an admin minutes after he posted what he did and asked for it to be fixed.
                                By this point his post had been quoted by other members, which meant we were unable to start deleting everyone's posts.
                                Those that know Kev know how deeply sorry he was with his original comments. Poor timing and extremely bad taste.
                                Starting a fight on this thread is as equally disrespectful.

                                If you truly believe that having a fight on a condolence thread is worthy, please continue via PM.
                                Thank you
                                Last edited by Fraggy; 04-04-2018, 05:56 PM.
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                                Work Best When Open...