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Ainsworth what has changed in 8 months

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  • Ainsworth what has changed in 8 months

    Nothing, 8mths ago was not deemed good enough, MB and NC given the reigns. Now he has been given the job as the saviour of Les. I really hope he succeeds, style does not matter at the moment. Only down side of him being successful, the behind the scenes clown will hide behind him. Club really needs a clean out in the summer, first is to ditch director of football role. Spend the money on youth and coaching.

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    While I agree there are problems behind the scenes and that ultimately the DOF is accountable, to say this appointment is one that shields him from blame is unfair to GA. He's earnt this opportunity and regardless of Les, GA was the possible option of the coach we need at the moment, long term vision be damned.

    I absolutely think the appointments since and inclusing Warbs were the right ones. Critchley on paper was the right call. I think GA is the right call and possibly heralds a new direction at the club. Of course I could be wrong and you're spot on.

    My only hope is this does not tarnish his career. Too many of our legends have been burnt coming back here and it's not been their fault. A systemic change in approach and attitude is what is needed to avoid this happening with GA.


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      Both Mick and Neil were free agents which probabkt tipped the balance. Now we've bitten the bullet snd paid compo to WW.......and Critchley had a small lottery win too. GA has zlao got little Wycombe to 7th in L1 zhrad of Portsmouth and Charlton.

      We'll be fine with GA even if we drop into L1, which I doubt will happen.


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        He will galvanise the team, I'm sure, it's in his nature to be competitive anf combative , which is exactly what we need right now, forget the play offs
        ​ or any other nonsense this is purely about survival now


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          I suspect Ainsworth must have come under consideration every time we've changed managers for several years. Whether that's simply been him being on an initial long list of "possibles" or him making it to a final shortlist and/or being interviewed, well, who knows?

          I do agree this kinda makes me feel that by appointing him we've lowered our sights somewhat and I can't say I'm filled with much hope or anticipation by his arrival but, we are where we are so just gotta get behind him and keep fingers crossed he gives our floundering team a big shot in the arm.


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            It’s just another ploy to silence the fans discontent. with the board.

            If the football under Ainsworth is going to be like the film Rollerball then god help me.


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              Personally don't see GA as a short term fix. He performed consistently well over 11 years at Wycombe on a tiny budget. That length of time virtually unheard of and suggests he can perform long term in a role. About time he was given an opportunity in the Championship. Given our budget limitations we need him to do more of the same on a larger stage. My main concern is if anyone on the planet can galvanise this lot. Guess we will find out.

              Don't see Les and board hiding behind appointment. In the modern era nearly all managerial appointments have made sense on paper without the benefit of hindsight. Only exception to that was Ollie, who by that stage in his career nobody at this level would have touched, and apparently he only got the job as Uncle took a liking to him.


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                I think he will do well , players respond to a motivator rather than a disciplinarian or a bore like critch.
                Talking to fans they think we should get a top manager , we are a little club the glory days are long gone , getting ainsworth is our level and where we are at.
                Team needs a rebuild and definitely needs to change our style of play . Passing it back and forth between the goalkeeper and defence is boring and gets us no where .
                Really looking forward to Saturday and see how he gets them up and if that's going direct so be it .


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                  Exactly that, well said 72 !!!