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    Who are we going to end up with? For me it's between 3 of them. Ainsworth, Wilder and Jones. (Spits from mouth)

    What do we reckon?

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    A cheaky proposal: Warburton as DOF and Bielsa as head coach


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      Someone who can perfom miracles as we have a shsllow pool of players that will bust a gut for our club.


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        Lets be honest, if Ainsworth wasn't an ex player would we really be talking about him as a manager for us ?


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          I'd like to think that we had some kind of plan in place for a viable alternative when sacking Critchley?


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            Originally posted by Qpstranger View Post
            I'd like to think that we had some kind of plan in place for a viable alternative when sacking Critchley?
            Ha ha, this is QPR you’re talking about mate! Run by Evil Tottenham Les and Lee Poos! Not a chance! It’ll be back of a fag packet job! My money is on Derry in the short term…as he’ll probably be cheap! However, if he comes with Clint Hill as his Assistant and Defensive coach it may work? At least they will hopefully get this lazy, half arsed lot to put more effort in by banging a few heads together on the training park!


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              Replying to multiple comments.

              Ainsworth is only being touted as a favouriet because he used to be a player, and fans keep bring ing him up, the bookies are just readinf Facebook comments. He wouldn't get a look in otherwise.

              If they would come Bielsa or Wilder both offer enough of exactly what I think we need.

              I would have Warbs back but not with Les as DOF as that relationship is broken, actually i do think Warbs would make an excellent DOF.

              We'll not even interview Jones, nothing about him fits with anything the club stands for.

              But I think we'll end up with a Robins or Manning, more of the same type of cheap, up and coming type who will charm the board and who Les thinks will fit in with his plans, rather than someone who disrupts them.

              I employ people, and i always want to see ambition in people, who will push for my role and push the business, that's what we need a in a manager and it's everything that was lacking in our last appointment.


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                "Wilder was sacked on 3 October 2022 with the club in the bottom three of the Championship. They had won only two of 11 league games played in the 2022–23 season.[35]"

                Not quite a ringing endorsment.


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                  I'm not a fan of Wilder. Look at the impact Carrick has had with largely the same players. Wilder would probably want full reign of the place which makes no sense if we only want a head coach. Plus the current bunch of fairies would probably cry if Wilder got stuck into them. It's hard to know who to appoint. If ainsworth hadn't played for us and we were linked with him most people would be going mad!!

                  I'd love him to come and it works out but knowing this club, he will come, we get relegated and he is run up south Africa road by fans with pitchforks!!!


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                    SSN reporting we are in talks in Ainsworth. No Sh1t sherlock!!! Lol!!


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                      look what we need firstly is a manager who will get the players working their socks off like warnock did for us. we also need better scouts to spot players who want to battle in every game . and also a bit of investment in better quality players . they are out there as brentford have proved.


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                        I will say this, if it ends up as Ainsworth, even if we go down, give him time. Get behind him. You could never question his heart and for that reason I and everyone at the club should be all in and give hil the support.

                        #### it, at least it would be real.


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                          Im sure we can all agree that Ian Holloway would be a perfect interim boss till the end of the season. He'll take the pressure off the team and would motivate and kick them as appropriate.


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                            I would be ok with Holloway until the end of the season, he would get the points we need to survive and buy us some time to regroup in the off season, we don't know what direction we are going to be going with player recruitment for next season so until that is decided I don't think it would be wise to take anyone on long term!


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                              After the last bout I wouldn't blame Ollie for not wanting to do it.