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    Let them #### off to their super league, football will carry on without them, money grabbing #####


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      Wow that's the end of football as we know it. Just hope their fans disown them.


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        Originally posted by LoftusRoadLad View Post
        Wow that's the end of football as we know it. Just hope their fans disown them.
        No chance, dust will settle and it'll get consumed.

        They've called UEFA's bluff, now lets see if they hold their nerve and start banning them


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          My brother a 52 year Man City fan, been through the good, the really bad and the really really good says if City follow through he’s done with them, but who to follow, proper fans don’t swap easy, or is he done with football?
          Sometimes it is easier to follow the hoops!!


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            Spurs title wins- 2
            Everton title wins - 9


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              Can see a lot of fans going back to grass roots football . Near on everyone I know where I live support that lot from Fulham broadway . They've accepted years ago that they can't watch them live so now settle for sky tv games . That to me isn't following your team . There will be a super league as money dictates and the players and there agents will want it as it means more wages . The big 6 ain't interested in the fans it's all about the cash money


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                Hopefully people will start following someone closer to home instead of the obsession with man u or liverpool. That's not supporting a team. Its just pretending to be a fan but not actually getting off your backside and watching a live match. It's easy to sit and home and put the telly on. Real supporters go to the ground and pay their hard earned money to show their support. Couldn't care what happens to those arrogant ####s in the premier league. Since when did spurs or arsenal class themselves as one of the best teams in Europe?? #### them. I'll take being a qpr fan all day! U R'S!!!!!!!!


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                  Let hem go see if their fans can travel abroad every few weeks to support them, seen what footballs like without fans, the proper fans of these clubs who go should boycott some of their teams games to show solidarity, it wont matter to the armchair brigade as all they do is watch TV anyway, i beleive that it wont be SKY or BT either i think the people paying for rights will be HBO the biggest sports channel in the world & Amazon


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                    Looking on twitter, the fans of the 6 clubs are loving this idea. Mainly Liverpool fans, although their city has one of lowest IQs in the county so not exactly shocking.


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                      Originally posted by SheepRanger View Post
                      Sky news suggesting they will continue with the premier league but this is a breakaway midweek league. Even so, if nothing else it will be a stepping stone towards a full breakaway. EPL should give them midweek fixtures and deduct points everytime they field a weakened side.

                      I would have no interest in watching these games, even less interest than watching current premiership games. I'm sure they'll also drop out of the FA and League Cups too.

                      They'll probably buy up all the players and run with a domestic squad and a European squad.
                      It would mean the end of the Champions League and would make finishing in top 4 pointless as there is no way they could fit in all the fixtures of domestic , CL and ESL football.

                      I would like the EPL, Serie A, La Liga etc to expel the 12 clubs and for UEFA and FIFA to ban them from competitions (their players should also be banned from International football) and as Stainrod said, let them play in their own ESL for the viewers in the Far East and USA.

                      It may take a while to get used to, but I think the domestic leagues will do well without these big clubs that have dominated their competitions and made it nigh on impossible for other clubs to win the league or cup competitions. Current EPL clubs like Everton Leicester Wolves Leeds will have a chance to win the title and it will also boost the hopes of clubs in the EFL to one day be able to challenge for the title as they did in the 194s,50, 60s & 70s before freedom of contract, the Bosman rulings and the launch of the Premiership changed everything and made it easier for the big clubs to dominate.

                      If and when the ESL fails they can then rejoin their national leagues in the lower levels and try to work their way back up.


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                        Originally posted by supahupa10101 View Post
                        Once it collapses, they will ask to come back into Premier League. Unfortunately though they will let them back instead of telling them no. Its so selfish of these teams to go so really it should be a case of once your are gone, don't come back. The problem is Premier League is going to struggle. Any good teams left winning it will get all their players poached from the Super League. I think fans should boycott their team, if honest, QPR went to Super League, i would boycott them
                        It depends on what FIFA & UEFA do about this ESL. If they and domestic leagues expel and ban the 12 (and any others that join them) from participating in their competitions will the other players want to play in a closed, midweek competition? Imagine what it will be like for them playing 20-30 midweek matches against the same opponents for TV viewers - The Far East and American viewers may even get kick off times changed to suit them better rather than watching in the early hours or mid afternoon etc.

                        I would kick the clubs out from their domestic leagues from the moment they sign up to the ESL.


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                          I wished Liverpool had #### off in 1975.
                          I have supported Rangers for 50 seasons.


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                            The future of this being a success depends on global TV rights and how that money is distributed.

                            It's a power grab but it also protects the founding teams against bad form, hence why, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs are all about it.

                            Sky etc don't have an unlimited pot of cash, so if they did get expelled from domestic and Euro competitions, that's a helluva shortfall the ESL clubs are expecting to be made up.

                            Honestly I don't see this lasting as is being reported.

                            It'll end up like the Uefa idea of making the Champions League more of a league format, meeting in the middle of their 36 team x 10 game idea vs this Super League.


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                              All about the money and quite shameful. Will decimate smaller clubs as the big clubs look to expand their squads to cope with additional games and even bigger frenzy to snap up any three year old that can kick a ball straight.

                              League Cup been secondary competition for many years now, FA Cup for a fair few. European football used to be genuinely exciting when it was knockout and a match between big clubs or David & Goliath clashes actually meant something. League format has increased revenues but it just isn't that interesting any more.

                              Can't see thousands of fans travelling abroad regularly for Super League matches so will be reliant on home crowds and international TV revenues.

                              Football lost it's soul years ago and, if it needed it, this was the final nail in coffin.

                              Outside of morality it is adding yet another layer of football which simply wasn't needed. Champions League scratched the European itch, not that it has particularly interested me personally, and Premiership has been a big success.

                              As someone else said the reality is things will likely settle down and it will be accepted after some initial sabre rattling.


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                                To generate the amount of cash being discussed i very much doubt Sky will be involved. The six teams will set up their own TV channel, digital format or go pay per view. These six teams will take the lions share and other clubs "invited" will be the also rans....