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  • Eze Interview

    Ebere Eze EXCLUSIVE: QPR youngster on Millwall rejection, criticism from his own fans and Steve McClaren’s sacking.

    “Ebere [Eze] was going to start working part-time in Tesco when we [QPR] first asked him to come in on trial.


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    He's got a point about social media criticism.
    How many players do we not destroy as a fans group?
    Clint? Probably one, Stan number two, pretty much everyone else gets slaughtered.
    I bet if the net was around in the 70s Stan would've been hammered too.
    Maybe we need to look at our attitude.
    Our players never seem to blossom and go on to get sold for millions.
    Never seem to see Palace for instance be so hard on their players
    Just a thought


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      Think players deserve to be criticised. Especially by the good people who pay out to watch this rubbish. I don’t think they should be abused, mindless idiots those that do. But people should be allowed to have an opinion even if it is wrong. Thought that was what these forums were made for.
      C'Mon You Supaaaa!!


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        Eze if you're reading this you were shocking again today. Get your farking finger out man. Bright and Shodipo showing you how it's done today


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          For all the crying about the criticism on social media, I bet they love the adulation when they have a good game....

          Couldn't give a t*ss about it myself but then I'm an adult.


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            Bet he got a instagram site showing his lavish life off,so s o d him
            Chelmsford City the home of Radio