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  • Defense

    Last 30 games - a fair statistical number - only 2 teams have conceded less than us in this division. 13 teams have scored more. We would be 10th

    If we survive, and we should, Im already looking forward to next year, despite what we would like all we need is a striker or two to put us in play off contention (last 30 games we are only 7 point off playoffs), we are solid JUST NEED GOALS

    Reasons to be cheerful (even if Leeds turn us over on Friday)

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    We need to park this idea that we need a striker, like 1 guy would be so much better than Dykes, Armstrong, Kolli (and Frey), he'd add a load of goals to the equation. It doesn't work like that and it won't work like that...

    Blackburn are below us despite having the division's top striker and his bucketload of goals.

    A decent team poses a threat from several angles, not a single focal point. Goals get shared around, games get won and points are racked up.

    Next season we need a balanced team that can play with width and pace. Its about a blend of personnel that compliments each other.

    I'd deffo have a pair of solid competent full-backs and a proper left-winger on my shopping list before a striker.

    Is all moot..... I suspect there'll be a lot of ins/outs this summer and we might have 2, 3 or 4 new forwards come September anyway.


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      Absents NO

      Look at the facts our defense is solid so if you have anything to spare spend on where you are weak ie lack of goals, Blackburn are where they are because in the same time frame they have let in 49 compared to our 41, our defense is 3rd best in the league in the last 30 games FACT


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        Abseits sorry about name abuts correct and we let in 31 not 41.


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          Our defence has done well under the new manager..
          I have supported Rangers for 55 seasons, since March 1969.


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            Dunne and Salter in Team of the Week

            Championship Summary | WhoScored.com


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              Well done to them both. Perhaps Cook was close to making that team too. Some of our players are showing good promise now. Let's hope that we can hold on to those. Lots of richer teams hungry for more success so might be difficult to do so.


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                Clarke salter and Cook , both been great


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                  Abs i think the point is that in this current team, a good striker would have seen us mid table. 1 man to put the ball in the back of net at crunch moments.

                  We strengthened in Jan and did very well. I thought we would have seen more of Joe Hodge though, he seemed a good signing.

                  Across the park we need players to contribute goals, and improvements in the squad. As a side note to back your point up, players like Ronaldo or Harry Kane are IMO bad acquisitions despite their individual talents as 1 focal point can be snubbed out by the opposition, teams become to reliant on their contribution and when it's not there they suffer. There needs to be multiple ways to crack an egg so to speak.

                  Our sqaud after the loans have gone back is crying out for something in midfield to transition the ball from defence to attack quickly. A striker is a mute addition until we get ball to him. We have good attacking midfielders assuming we keep them. I agree full backs would be a worthy way to spend time and money, if we sell Chair i do see room for something on the left wing.

                  In order of importance given our current squad;
                  Box to Box Midfielder
                  Flanks in both Defence and Attack
                  Central Defence

                  The last 3 could all change depending on who we sell or keep but the first 2 on that list will not.