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Is current squad good enough to survive this season?

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  • Is current squad good enough to survive this season?

    Assuming no incomings
    Not sure

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    Definitely not! Although there are signs of improvement and green shoots of optimism, the owners will live to regret their decision if they don’t bring in at least a competent, Championship level new RB and new Striker to give us options over Dykes and Armstrong. Heaven forbid they get injured at the same time, who the hell plays up front then???


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      If we avoid any injuries there's a small chance , if we lose , dykes , chair willock , c
      field ,cook for a period of time we're ####ed


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          As said if we have no suspension or Injuries we may be ok , but bench is full of inexperienced kids and uncle Albert .


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            Not without another striker & luck with injuries


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              As is, no reason this lot can't achieve midtable. I'm sure there are several other squads in this division that are similar to ours, all saying if only we had another striker/midfielder/defender we'd be fine. Basically, it's not like every other team has a crack squad of 25 top drawer players and we are going to be the Championship's whipping boys - far from it.


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                No chance with current squad. Need 3 more player minimum. Starters not squad players.


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                  i am saying no

                  purely on the fact its hard to see us scoring enough goals!

                  also there is a mind set setting in where heroic failure seems to be acceptable.

                  both ipswich and Southampton seem to be that hey we got no points but didn't we play well in losing!


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                    Not a clue. The squad is so light. If we can avoid more than a couple of injuries at a time then based on the last three performances then yes but wouldn't take much for things to turn south.

                    We knew coming into pre-season this would be an incredibly tight window in terms of money. We needed to sell all or at least two of Field, Chair and Willock to have any chance of easing the finances enough to make signings. As we haven't think GA has done great with what little he has had. Team was crying out for experience, leadership and some steel. He has brought in Bergovic, Cook, Fox and Colback who will make us much more solid. Smyth good signing and see he has just been named in L2 team of season. Richards was hangover from last season so nothing he could do about that and Fulham kid brought in as cover and can play in a few positions.

                    We are desperately short upfront and if they can somehow bring Martin in for season to add cover/competition would be great.

                    A positive of our squad being so light is youngsters will get some game time and over last few seasons our development of younger players seems to have been along the lines of maybe giving them a debut when they reach 40. They need first team game time to really improve.


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                      I dont think so ,and Ainsworth is dreaming about this great winning run we are about to go on


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                        No - If we don't get anyone in tonight, we have to go for free agents or make use of a difficult window in January.
                        Best team in the world
                        Sort of


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                          Yes, this team is capable of staying up.

                          And they have shown potential to do more than just survive.

                          But, a string of injuries or bookings would take its toll as it would with any club. We are probably more vulnerable given our lack of cover, and inexperience.

                          But then again we have youngsters with potential who may very well step up to the plate4.

                          Nothing is a foregone conclusion especially this early in the season.


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                            I really like the energy and dynamic of this team. Great experienced professionals matched with hungry youngsters and a smittering of actual talent near their peak.

                            This is exactly what I'm looking for in a qpr team.


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                              I voted not sure.

                              If we keep our main players fit for most of the season then yes we'll stay up. If we have a few injuries, we'll be in big trouble, especially in the attacking department. Goals win you games and the lack of goals in the squad is very worrying. A half decent striker certainly would have made life a little more comfortable but it's going to be a dog fight all season now.