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If QPR has ever meant anything to you...

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  • If QPR has ever meant anything to you...

    PLEASE leave now Les.

    PLEASE remember that QPR plucked you from non league, believed in you, backed you, took the time and effort to develop and nurture you. Gave you a platform to win your first England cap, provided you with the opportunity to establish yourself as a top Premier League striker allowing you to show the skills honed at QPR and achieve a move that provided you with fame and fortune beyond what you could ever have realistically imagined when playing for Hayes. Your achievements at the club will always be remembered but we are at a point where the good is in danger of being outweighed by the bad.

    So, that all said... PLEASE do something for QPR....

    PLEASE do the right thing and leave now.

    And, PLEASE get Lee Hoos to do the right thing and go too...

    Together, your time at QPR has been difficult with the club going through a lot on and off the field and you were entrusted to guide us through the tough times and help the club move forward. But, the truth is we haven't moved forward at all... at best the club has stagnated under your leadership and now we are moving backwards. Your belief in bringing kids through is admirable and not with out merit, if it could be achieved.... But if like you say, under your reign we've lost NINE potential stars of the future to big clubs snapping them up too early for next to nothing... maybe it's floored. Isn't it the very definition of stupidity... doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. The only success we've had with selling on players has been EZE and he didn't really come through the QPR youth system... he slipped through the net at Millwall and we picked him up a lot further a long his development... similar could be said and hoped of Chris Willock (possibly our best player when fit and on form). Allowed to leave by Arsenal and Benfica before finding somewhere to shine a lot further into his development. These two cases may be over simplified and there are more nuances to them but in short, you production line of talent just isn't happening.

    PLEASE admit it just hasn't work.

    PLEASE admit we don't have a plan...

    How can we have when we're told Warburton isn't right because he wouldn't play the kids (what kids????? ) that and the fact a freakish injury list (including 6 keepers) saw us fall out of the play-offs (what would we give for steady mid table now?) So you bring in Beale because of his ability to develop kids and his style of play, (Develop the kids.... isn't that what Chris Ramsey and his coaches are supposed to do?)... As for Beale and his 'style of play we were terrible up until Watford away... we then did have a good run for a bit.... but we were terrible again in the lead up to him leaving. Coventry away was embarrassing.
    Critchley was then brought in to replace him and halt the slide.... and you go and give him a massive contract... given our financial issues wouldn't till the end of the season make more sense.... just in case it wasn't the right appointment... seeing as he's another coach meant to develop kids, when we don't have the kids.
    Low and behold... it didn't work. Another manager gone, more money wasted and you go and compound your run of poor decisions by totally abandoning any playing style consistent through the club by appointing Ainsworth (Brighton lost Potter and De Zirbi comes in with no disruption because the club have an ethos and playing style that runs throughout the club... Similar has happen with Brentford). Ainsworth whilst being a club legend... he isn't at all consistent with what you say the club is all about. He's a manger who's never been about developing youth or an expansive playing style. He's a cheerleader of a manager who's approach is 'They don't like it up 'em'....

    PLEASE Les, hold your hands up and realise what a mess we are.

    PLEASE step down.

    PLEASE, if any Ranger's fans a reading this.... PLEASE put pressure on Les in anyway you can to get him to do the right thing.... Not in an ugly, hateful way... just PLEASE get him to do the right thing by a club that his given him so much.

    and PLEASE if Amit or anyone who can help get Les to move on, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE for the sake of our club make it happen.

    but PLEASE act fast because we can get the points needed to stay safe... we can make something out of this mess and we can move forward.

    PLEASE get Warburton back in as DOF, Sporting Director role.... He can help bring some confidence to a group of players that played their best football for QPR under him.... He could help Gareth become a better manager with more strings to his bow... He can help pick up the ones that have slept through the net else where (exactly as he did with Willock) and he can help put the right building blocks in place for the future (as he did in this role at Brentford)

    PLEASE Les, Lee, Amit and all rangers fans who read this.... If QPR does mean anything to you.... we need to make it happen at it starts with Les.

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    Well said.could not agree with this more


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      Well said Ruben.


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        I agree with everything you said Lou.P.R. However, will it be more effective if your cry goes directly to Amit and the rest of the board? Send the contents of the post straight to him in a letter. Things are getting worse by the minute. After the win against Watford, my hopes went high. Did not take long to get crashed back to the ground! Only eight games remains. Now is the time. Its now or never!


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          Les wont go on his wages . Would you ? , He's a Tottenham Hotspur man so has no loyalty to us


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            Welcome to the board Lou.

            Great first post
            Minds Are Like Parachutes.
            Work Best When Open...


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              Well said.


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                On another board a fan claims Les is taking up at job for FA from next season.

                I believe Warburton felt badly treated by QPR at the end so I do not think he will leave PL to come back as DOF. Could be seen as a step down.


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                  I liked Warbs but I didn't like how it ended, I think both he and Les were fairly unprofessional in their child like, sticking to their guns attitude to the detrement of results. Warbs insistent on playing a formation he didn't have the personnel for and picking the weirdest subs, and Les for whatever reason, we don't know what it was but a fall out occured and we lost a good coach because of it.

                  I do think warbs could make a good DOF but would be too controlling, maybe we want that?

                  I love the board, but I'd rather the owners had a bit more nouse and had a different dynamic other than Les and Lee. I feel for a club this size that role can be one person. However I say that with the caveat of I don't, and most of us wouldn't know what a day in the life of either looks like, wether it be a competent day or a wasted one.


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                    great post ruben

                    think your speaking for every single QPR fan

                    i wouldnt have MW as DOF i would put him back in as Manager and ditch the DOF altogether


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                      Originally posted by Springboks2002 View Post
                      great post ruben

                      think your speaking for every single QPR fan

                      i wouldnt have MW as DOF i would put him back in as Manager and ditch the DOF altogether
                      No DOF- the MANGER should have the players he wants subject to BOARD sanction of the finances and the MANAGER should choose the COACHES he wants- as in the Jim Gregory days(halcyon)


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                        Originally posted by KLOS View Post
                        No DOF- the MANGER should have the players he wants subject to BOARD sanction of the finances and the MANAGER should choose the COACHES he wants- as in the Jim Gregory days(halcyon)
                        That's how we got into this FFP mess. Harry and Mark both brought players in for too much that didn't suit the next manager restarting the process. DOF is a good idea when the board are not involved. I think we need one. It's just not Les.


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                          we dont need a DOF at all

                          we need a first team manager that does what the DOF does all the DOF does is belittle the role of manager

                          Gerry Francis remember him? did he need a DOF called Rodney Marsh or did he throw his toys out the pram to get it blocked? we didnt need a DOF then and we dont need 1 now

                          this is the structure we need

                          First Team manager
                          Assistant manager
                          1st team coaches ,Goalkeeper coach, fitness coach, Physio
                          youth team manager