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  • Player salaries

    Just read on the 72 website and an article that shows what some of our highest earners are.
    Austin 17k per week
    Dozzell 13k
    Albert 13k
    Stef 11k
    Chair 11k

    Not sure how accurate they are but I'm not sure Dozzell would be on more than Stef considering he was playing for Ipswich last year and Stef would have been on big wages at Fulham.

    I would imagine dickie and barbet woukd have been on similar/better money than Dozzell. Also giving uncle 13k and more than our captain?

    Is it all made up or are they the real figures?

    I'm sure Wallace was reported to be on big money but no sign of him in that list.

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    You should really refer to them by their full name of 72 Clickbait Website.


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      Originally posted by davieqpr View Post
      You should really refer to them by their full name of 72 Clickbait Website.


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        Find the Dozzell wage a bit hard to believe, a youngster stepping up from league 1 wouldn’t be on that much , the other figures seem about right to me .


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          Wouldn't say these are accurate , Chas on 70k a week at wba and I know a couple of div 1 players on 100k a year , so dozzells wages don't seem real


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            Can't see dozzell on more money than established championship players like barbet, dieng, chair etc. I can see austin being on very good money but uncle on 13k doesn't seem right and def not ahead of stef or ilias. Passes the time on a Monday thou!! Lol!


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              Doesn't the "signing on fee" muddy things too? I dunno how they work, but if you spread a 100k signing on fee over a 36-month contract that'd bump up the notional weekly pay a few grand.
              Also, these figures usually represent the most the player could possibly earn so include sundry bonuses for appearances, wins, goals, cup wins, promotions etc etc. In reality many of these amounts don't get paid.


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                I had feared we would go a bit silly trying to secure Austin's services. But if that's figure is true then I think it represents good value. Yes, he's our highest paid player; but it reflects his experience in the game and the support he can bring to develop the other forwards into valuable assets. I'm sure Dykes has learnt a lot from him.

                It's a huge amount to us but a massive drop from his previous contracts. I would have guessed a figure around 25k a week. It does show he wants to play for us as I'm sure there would have been bigger offers in front of him.


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                  No one outside the wage office knows what they are getting not even their team mates. It would cause a bad dressing room.


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                    I don't know how they all manage to scrape by on that sort of money !!!