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  • Free kick specialist needed...

    I don’t know if such a thing exists formally in English football, but QPR’s next recruit should not be a CB, defensive midfielder or striker, but a standout free kick specialist. Ilias Chair is young and developing, and hopefully can continue to up his game, but at the present he is woefully inadequate taking every corner and nearly every free kick.

    When any opposing team has a free kick within 25 yards of goal, or a corner, we all feel a lump in our throats because it feels like an imminent threat. When we do it, we expect little or nothing each and every time.

    Find that player, and QPR will score more goals and win more games. Guaranteed.

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    To be added to the Xmas shopping list, or more likely the Summer one.


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      Put an ad on Gumtree - Specialist kicker required for taking end-zone offence punts. Yeee -Ha. May as well put a separate ad up for a long-armed person to take 75yd throw-ons whilst we're at it.


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        Last decent one we probably had was buzsaky or chery


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          While we wait for a miracle signing, why not try using others on fee kicks? Barbet? Carroll? Battache?


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            My cat could take a better dead ball than Chair.
            I have supported Rangers for 50 seasons.