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    Queens Park Rangers Football Club (QPR) has contracted to purchase the Heston Sports Ground (previously known locally as the Concorde Centre), which will become the new home for all of its training activities. QPR is proposing to upgrade the playing pitches and to replace the existing buildings on site with new facilities. We are keen to hear the community’s views and this leaflet provides an overview of the proposals and includes a feedback form for those who wish to make comments.


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      Originally posted by Abseits View Post

      Yeah but we all lived round the corner then and walked there or hopped on tube. The great Rs diaspora is scattered nationwide now and we are a nation of car-addicted fatties. Let's not beat about the bush, the seats at KPF simply aren't wide enough for the modern stoutly proportioned fan. Frankly, our capacity should be more like 13000 but we shoehorn 17000 in by dint of having child-sized seats.
      Trust me, when we finally move to a nice posh 21st century stadium everyone will go FFS why did we put up with that shoebox for past quarter of a century?????
      No I don't think we all lived around the corner we had a strong support in Harlsden Willsiden Kilburn and big support from Notting hill


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        Originally posted by 72bus View Post

        Agree with u about the seats sat in SAR had a seat change and couldn't put my knees anywhere . I'm just under 6ft so it must be painful for taller fans
        I am under 6ft too and my knees touch the seat in front and is notates all comfortable in the SAR stand. This is one of the many reasons why I want a new stadium built. If we stay where we are we can only expect to drop down the divisions as other clubs move into their new stadiums and raise their incomes.