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Manning signed for blackburn

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    Originally posted by Fordy View Post

    ##### me take your pills son
    ####me #### off cuntface


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      Originally posted by SheepRanger View Post

      You threatening me?
      Take it anyway you like you absolute bellend.
      You really have turned in to a ####


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        Originally posted by qpr View Post

        Spot on, agreed

        Ive had posts removed from sheep lately too because he’s best mates with strangerod

        Not idea, I don’t think sheep is up to admin role personally. This forum is dictated by a few and opinions aren’t allowed anymore, I’m only on this forum because of loyalty, the forum is poor compared to pre 2018 (when strangerod joined)
        Agree, have to say.
        There are complete #### stirrers like fordy, but lambykins and weareneverhasbeen running the show?
        You're havin a laugh.
        Any opposite views are being shouted down or deleted.
        Yet some whippet worry, cloth cap northern clog wearer can join up and goad QPR fans.
        Why does a brfc want to join a QPR site?
        If I want to converse with one of them I'll go to Blackburn.
        Guess what...... I ain't going to Blackburn


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          Originally posted by Stainrod View Post
          You don’t have to be loyal fella , leave whenever you like ,
          Shut up you toby

          This forum has lost its way
          Under Les Ferdinand:
          Luke Freeman, top assists in the league: 4million
          Alex Smithies, great goalie for this club: 3,5million
          Charlie Austin, 19 Premier League goals: 4million
          Jack Robinson: Contract ran out, left for free
          And many more mistakes



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            wearetherangersboys used to be much better if im being honest


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              I am struggling to follow this thread. Once you start deleting posts the thread becomes incomprehensible. Anyway, has Manning gone? I'd prefer he'd stay but if his heart's not in it I suppose we need to cut our losses and at least get a fee for him.


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                Originally posted by Abseits View Post
                I am struggling to follow this thread. Once you start deleting posts the thread becomes incomprehensible. Anyway, has Manning gone? I'd prefer he'd stay but if his heart's not in it I suppose we need to cut our losses and at least get a fee for him.
                I have always liked Manning, but that was for his attacking and scoring .
                If he was chipping in with goals, and providing most assists or among the most in the division.
                So why didn't Warburton play him on the left side of mf?
                If he plays there at any club he will be a successful signing, Warburton will be responsible for us losing a good talent for being inflexible and bloody minded


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                  Originally posted by QPRDave View Post

                  ####me #### off cuntface
                  I’ll take your jaw off pal if you don’t watch your mouth.


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                    Mowbray has pretty much said manning isn't happening. Shame if he is as good as people say as lb is the one position where we are rubbish.


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                      ####in LoL
                      I could take it for a walk then, save me getting a dog!


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                        there you go Rickson, no truth in manning going to Blackburn Lol


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                          Not overly concerned with what that mcintyre says Jeff tbh.
                          Now if Sean Gallagher a proper Rangers journo says something I believe him 2 millyon percent
                          Dave MC is a ####.


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                            about an hour ago
                            Tony Mowbray poured cold water on suggestions that Rovers have made a move for QPR left back Ryan Manning and questions whether they could afford a deal to sign the 24-year-old.

                            Indeed, Mowbray suggested after the 5-0 win over Wycombe Wanderers that Rovers’ remaining budget would only stretch to one permanent signing, or a couple of loan recruits, to help fill out their squad.

                            Injuries to Lewis Travis and Corry Evans, as well as Sam Gallagher and Bradley Dack, with Daniel Ayala also not up to speed, that left Rovers with few options outside of the 18-man squad selected for the Wycombe win.

                            Mowbray said on Thursday that Rovers were expecting a decision on a left back in the coming days, and having bid for Manning in each of the last two transfer windows, it led to talk that the Galway man was the player in question.

                            The Rovers boss was asked about interest in Manning after the Wycombe win, and denied that a move was close for the player who is currently being frozen out at QPR owing to him being in the final year of his deal at Loftus Road, with talks quiet on a possible extension.

                            Rovers have so far added Thomas Kaminski and Ayala to their squad this summer, and despite previously hinting his side were three or four players short of being able to launch a sustained top six challenge, Mowbray admits the finances available may not run to that many new additions.

                            “How much is Ryan Manning going to cost?,” he said.

                            “If you’re going to buy a player, you have to buy the player, give him a salary.

                            “I would say there’s money to buy a player who could help us get to where we want to be, or we could loan two or three, and use that money for salary, but then that becomes dead money at the end of the year.

                            “We are talking about building a club so ultimately our decision will be whether we’re going to loan some players that can help us in a one-off season or buy one player who can be ours, but we’ve got more than one position we feel we


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                              There you go Dave, all bollax by Rickson again


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                                Originally posted by Jeffqpr View Post
                                There you go Dave, all bollax by Rickson again
                                lol ok Jeff, I'll buy it.......for now
                                But until saint Sean says so