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  • Pens

    Are Eze's pens a bit naughty or within the rules?...I don't really care so long as they keep making the scoresheet but curious about what the rulebook says.

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    The player must not stop moving, in Eze's case if you watch him he looks like he stops but doesn't.. very clever


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      Offences and sanctions
      feinting to kick the ball once the kicker has completed the run-up (feinting in the run-up is permitted); the referee cautions the kicker


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        Fantastic pens, entirely within the rules. I also like the way he takes his time once ref blows the whistle to take it..... there's no need or requirement to go off like a greyhound as soon as ref blows - waiting a bit, composing yourself, taking a few breaths and go when you're ready. I think this bit is very pertinent given all the gamesmanship teams deploy nowadays like pointlessly protesting (often several of them in a sort of rota to drag it out a few minutes), wandering up to the spot to claim ball is not positioned properly and goalie going walkabouts kicking posts etc and not taking his position.... Eze' s cool as a cucumber during all this and rightly takes a few seconds of quiet calm before taking it when HE is ready.


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          Scuffing up the turf on the penalty spot is my particular bugbear- I mean, what are you, nine years old?

          When Eze scored a pen against Derby, they were swarming around the ref complaining he had stuttered in his run up, which he had, so like LRL I looked at the rules! These words are so clearly aimed at allowing him to do exactly what he does - namely not "feinting to kick the ball once the kicker has completed the run-up (feinting in the run-up is permitted)" So either the opposition don't know the rules, or are cheats. Or both.


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            I'm just happy we have been awarded some penalties so we can have this discussion, refs have not been good to us in recent years, it was ridiculous how often Big Matty Smith was fouled in the box with nothing given because of his size!


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              Thanks for the explanations people...I will enjoy his next one even more now...


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                Me too. I've always wondered.

                But there's more. If the keeper saved it, would it have to be re-taken if he'd moved?


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                  I think his pens are quality but you cannot beat a total net ripper as the ultimate penalty.

                  Wasn't it Ray Stewart at West Ham who hit them so hard he still scored even if the keeper got a hand to it.