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    Given our very tight budget next season, something here has to give. Translation: where do we take chances? In my book, think we are starting to grow a defensive nucleus with Toni, Darnell, and a youth corps led by Osman Kakay. If I could bring one vet back who's on loan it would be Rangel. Lumley should go if we get a good offer though unlikely; will have to hope we get a coach in who can restore his confidence. In midfield, assuming we sell Freeman, and let Pavel go, we will just have to gut it out with Manning, Scowen, Luongo, Chair, Eze and Bos. Which means, if we make any adventurous move, we are looking at striker. Hemed and Wells are gone. Smith is too up and down, And both Smyth and Oteh remain untested. IMHO, look for a young speedster with yet-to-be-established goal scoring skill. Then hope the good Lord is kind to us there. If nothing else, what this squad will have next season, must have, is speed and pace.