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Who do we keep and who goes?

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    Originally posted by LoftusRoadLad View Post
    The 3 teams coming down will have plenty to loan out as long as we ain't gotta pay their full wages.
    That's the problem though, we won't be able to pay those wages with having to slash our budget even further, I think we will really have to hope our youth can compete at this level!


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      don't know how much longer i can take watching bidwell and lynch


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        Originally posted by The Godfather View Post
        Can't believe the OP would keep Joel Lynch. An incompetent oaf with an appalling attitude to match. Makes Onuoha seem like Maldini in comparison.

        Among the players out of contract the only one I'd consider keeping is Bidwell. Not because he's very good, but he'll give a 5.5/10 performance every week, at least putting his foot in and showing a bit of energy. More than can be said for most of our squad.

        Cousins, Wswolek and Hall are not worth keeping.

        Think Rangel has been excellent and would consider giving him another contract.

        Hope Eze and Luongo go - both lazy, overhyped players, who think they're better than the club.

        Would like us to keep Freeman if possible, but we probably won't.
        bidwell is a terrible player , he's mr angry , hoofs the ball , no pace , takes up poor positions , doesn't sense danger til its on him ,agree on pav and lynch , would hang on to hall and try to get more out of luongo and eze or show them the door


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          I will be disappointed if any player out of contract gets offered a new deal .These players have all played a part in the clubs failures over the last few years . We need to start next season with a clean slate and some new optimism.


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            Originally posted by Stainrod View Post
            I will be disappointed if any player out of contract gets offered a new deal .These players have all played a part in the clubs failures over the last few years . We need to start next season with a clean slate and some new optimism.
            I agree! Watching this lot look like they are not interested most games tells me they need to move on and ply their trade elsewhere!


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              There are also players from other CC-clubs who will be free agents come summer. Relax!! The main focus now should be to stay up. Ps. We have to sell Freeman.
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                Lumley - KEEP - makings of a good Keeper in there - still young and learning the game -needs an experienced keeper as support.
                Ingram - GO - not good enough at this level
                Dieng - KEEP - despite Dundee losing every game he is getting great reviews up north


                Furlong - KEEP- will prob be a 1st choice centre back next season as we won't be signing 2
                Leistner - KEEP- We are a better defence when he is in it.
                Hall - GO -Too injury prone - sadly,
                Lynch - GO GO - just go!
                Cameron - If available i would sign - his pre injury form coincided with our best period
                Baptiste - GO - put out to grass
                Rangel - KEEP - Good addition to the defence
                Kakay - KEEP seems to have disappeared but would keep
                Niko H - KEEP I am sure will feature more next season.
                Phillips - KEEP as above


                Goss - GO- Obviously not the next michael Carrick! Take any offer we can.
                Freeman - GO One of the most frustrating players this season - either Brilliant or utter garbage sadly he has been more of the latter of late. if an offer comes in that means we can strengthen in other areas then we should sell.
                Cousins - GO - again so inconsistent - the swansea cousins was fantastic but those performances were few and far between.
                Scowen KEEP - Despite being a red card waiting to happen his performances of late in the more advance position have been much better.
                Manning - KEEP - woefully underused by Mclaren.
                Samuel-Osyei KEEP - This is the player to build the team around - Get him to spend the summer practising to shoot. Keep his head down and the ball on the floor!
                Luongo - KEEP - i know he is not a favourite on here and his goal tally could be higher. but he is still a decent player.
                Pawel - KEEP - and play him in his proper position!
                Wheeler - GO - Complete waste of money- thought he was going to be a good one but sadly not!
                Shopido - KEEP - Need an injury free run


                EZE - KEEP - what went wrong with EZE? We are not going to sell him for any kind of money based on his 2nd half season form. so keep and hope he finds the pre xmas spark again
                Hemed - GO - not as bad as some make out 7 goals as a loan signing isn't bad considering he didn't start many.
                Wells - KEEP - again a player whose confidence seemed to drain out of him - i blame the last min Pen v Brum!! but still out top scorer.
                Smith - KEEP - gives the team 100% and a Plan B
                Smyth - KEEP - but I am not sure he is the player we think he is - A bit lightweight but who knows as he get older and stronger he will get more opportunity
                Chair - KEEP - along with BSO he is the future!
                Oteh - KEEP - Not worked out for him at walsall so only time will tell.