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**The Stan Bowles / Alzheimers Charity Bet Thread**

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  • **The Stan Bowles / Alzheimers Charity Bet Thread**

    Following the announcement of this terrible news, I am sure many of us would like to make some form of contribution to whatever initiative the club organise in this regard.

    In my opinion, the club are getting so much right at the moment in terms of the young talent we are bringing in, the re-signing of Jamie Mackie and the excellent news from yesterday that we are doing the right thing by Ale Faurlin and giving him a new contract.

    My optimism doesn't appear to be shared by some of the doom mongers. Or those not happy with the "Youth Team Coach" (They probably regard themselves as "Realists". )

    So I thought I would kick start the fundraising with a fun bet we can all join in with. I will donate 100 on behalf of WATRB's if Rangers don't make the play-offs at least, provided that at least 20 other posters are prepared to donate the princely sum of 5 if we do. The very least I can do, bearing in mind the wonderful moments he gave those of us that are old enough to have witnessed them.

    Just post your acceptance of the above terms on this thread. You don't even have to be a pessimist or realist to get involved, you are still very welcome to donate the 5 even if you think we are going to have a brilliant season. (Would be better if you stated your true opinion though.)

    I do believe MYU is also willing to match me, so if at least 40 of you are in, we can guarantee a minimum of 200.

    Let's see how much we can raise together for a good cause.

    Currently, bets accepted from :

    1. Kevin McLeod
    2. Hitman
    3. Matty
    4. Snaxo
    5. Fraggy
    6. Ginger Ninja
    7. Harryboy
    8. 1QPRDK
    9. Stanley
    10. QPR Richard
    11. dsqpr
    12. The Merry Ploughboy
    13. vespa
    14. Rangers77
    15. AH08
    16. andythefish
    17. QprQpr
    18. Lymehoop
    19. Lymehoop's brother
    20. Billericay Dicky
    21. Billericay Dicky Junior (1)
    22. Billericay Dicky Junior (2)
    23. bazzaqpr
    24. IsleworthRanger
    25. QPRDave
    26. Romford Hoop
    27. Southport
    28. knocker
    29. NW_Hoopz
    30. Hertford Hoop
    31. Jogo
    32. TW7R
    33. Kit
    34. Bluehoop
    35. Midgeyboy
    36. Hubble
    37. CroydonCaptainJack
    38. upperloft
    39. nasser95
    40. Bigdave
    41. Marri0tt
    42. Minty85
    43. gazzauk63

    Will update daily, as and when others join in.