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Thread: Memories of the Terraces at QPR

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    What season did it all change?

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    Approx 1983-5 play Forest (I'm certain) I was not even 5, School End Dad carried my toilet step up to the ground so I could see over the advertising hoarding....we won 2-1 and that's it.

    All memories there after were away days

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    Loved the terrace era, walking up the steps from the turnstiles to the back of the loft was always special. Great atmosphere at nearly every game, a few poo my pants moments when away teams stormed the loft (I was young). Mingling with the same faces each game and as someone has already said, you tended to stand in the same spot each game, it was always your spot ha ha. Also stood a few times in the paddocks, had a season when we had the plastic pitch standing by the tunnel, loved that. Budgie coming out on his hands most of the time, players being so close and hearing all that went on in the dugouts was always great.

    Wish we could have them back, it would increase the capacity without making it dangerous. Certainly the paddocks and the lower tiers behind the goals could be reverted back. Oddly enough I watched an episode of the Sweeney recently where Reagan chased a staff member through the loft, it was quite large and makes the current arrangement look very small.

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    On Tuesday 14th Jan 1974 we played Chelsea in an FA Cup 3rd round replay.

    The game was unusual in that is was a mid week game that kicked off in the afternoon due to the winter of discontent, power cuts etc, I think it was 2pm kick off, I bunked of school to go to the game.

    As was usual in them days the scum took the Loft, Stanley scored a great headed goal, and we won 1-0, and the crowd, probably the best part of 30,000

    At the final whistle the scum fans invaded the pitch from the Loft end, demolishing the kids section wall as the charged.

    What I never understood, was why the kids section never rebuild.

    We use to win cup games in those days, unlike today.
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    Originally Posted by West Acton
    Remember playing Arsenal midweek when half the terrace had been demolished but half was still open. There were bits of the smashed up terrace you could lean through the fence and get and I still have a chunk of the terrace at home
    Remember that night well. First half, myself and Patterson were in the paddock then made our way round to the loft in the second to give seaman stick.
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    If loft terrace returned who would return to standing instead of sitting

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    na standing not for me,even if u over 3ft and cant sit without ya knees by your ears and end up with piles these days.
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    Originally Posted by Gtleighsr3
    na standing not for me,even if u over 3ft and cant sit without ya knees by your ears and end up with piles these days.
    Your seat is clearly same as mine


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