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Hello there,new member here passing on a hello & a message....!

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  • Hello there,new member here passing on a hello & a message....!

    I`ve actually just joined up today as i have a friend whos been banned from here for what seems to be the most ridiculas of bannings ive ever heard of, & hes showed me a reply from Brightonr pming a mate of his, who i will not name

    for obvious reasons, but pinkie had asked me to post his reply to this pm from brightonr, as he obviously cannot reply through on here, heres a copy n paste of brightonrs pm to pinks mate:-

    Yep here's Brightonrs message to me.(from Brightr to pinkies friend)
    Just to let you know, I have deleted your latest thread on this subject. It was made perfectly clear that if anybody wanted to know more, then to ask an admin member via PM.
    Pinkie is banned permanently. Not sure what heís told you, but it was a combination of continuous lies about some of us, along with some pretty unpleasant attacks via PM and e-mail.
    We have always stated that provided he both acknowledged that the things he was accusing people of was untrue and apologised for making such unfounded accusations, then he would be welcome back.
    Therefore, ball firmly in his court, but personally I donít think he has the decency to do so.
    Please refrain from making any further posts about him.

    Pinkies replies:-

    Firstly it has never been explained about pinkies ban publicly as its always been deleted & pms sent, reasons for this are quite clear that no other admin member at the time wanted pinkie banned apart from brightonr & stanley.

    Also the website forum owner disagreed with this ban aswell, also along with pinkie being banned first of all for what was classed as trolling, which once again nobody agreed he should be put on premoderation apart from stanley.

    This continuos lies comment by brightonr is also not true, it has been proven by the forum owner that the editting of one of pinkies posts & moved had taken place, brightonr at the time had said he hadnt a clue who moved them, which

    again was untrue, as all admin know stan arranged & arranges the slug it out thread. Also leading upto pinkies permanent ban Brightonr was baiting pinkie to bite, ofwhich pinkie came out with `stan likes a edit!` jokingly, pinkie then

    went to log on the next day to find he couldnt do anything, and with absolutely no explanation that was that pinkie was banned, & found out from another friend on here that stan & brightonr wanted him banned permanently.

    Unpleasant attacks via email and pm is another lie, pinkie had one private conversation with the forum owner & it was a small bit heated as for what has gone on starting from the first ban for trolling, which is completely wrong as

    pinkies been a qpr fan for over 43 years & loves banter & debate. The only other email contact was with stanley when pinkie first found out he had been banned for trolling, ofwhich in totally wrong & the conversation ended with a

    very bad attitude from stanley which pinkie has kept & didnt respond any more to.

    So in a nutshell pinkie has absolutely nothing to apologise for & really is due one, but knowing pinkie myself hes easy going & loves banter so really would not be bothered about any apologies as hes thicker skinned, but does not like the way certain friends have been silenced when asking about him, all this type of behavior of silencing does not belong on a lads football forum!

    Also, that if brightonr and stanley are the true victims, then why do they keep deleting members posts who ask about pinkies ban, surely if they have nothing to hide, they would be willing to discuss this publicly.

    PS. May i also add that in private chats with the website owner for a couple of weeks ,he was going to unban pinkie, as there had been a abuse of admin powers, but because of stan & brightonr putting pressure on him to keep pinkie banned permanently & all the stress of this hes now disappeared with not feeling well.

    Lets hope this doesnt get removed aswell,regards john

    Anyway atleast pinkies had his say instead of being silenced along with others asking about him, up the rrrss & ollies blue & white army (pinkies told me to say)

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      What happened to the ban amnesty?


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        This is it exactly, but the owner was going to get pinkie unbanned but was put under pressure.


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          Its also hard to believe with the website owner paying out of his pocket every month aswell.


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            I am truly astonished to be reading this. Not only because it is riddled with inaccuracies, but mainly because I cannot believe how sad some peopleís lives are that they need to join football forums to defend their mates.

            Just to reiterate for the umpteenth time, (because it would seem that some people are too stupid to understand despite having been told on numerous occasions already), the only reason that we do not wish to discuss this matter on here in public, is because most people are not interested. We have repeatedly offered to discuss ANY forum issue via PM with ANY member. What we donít do is enter into public slanging matches with people who will not listen to the truth. That is the reason that this thread will now be closed.

            However, in order to satisfy any of those gullible enough to believe any of the nonsense Pinkie and his mates have tried to spread, or normal members that are genuinely interested to hear the TRUTH, then there is a very simple way round this.

            My mobile number is 07974 658161. I categorically promise each and every one of you that if you call me, I will answer any questions that you have, either on this subject or any other issue.

            Pinkie, no doubt you can read this, so this applies to you too. I know for a fact that you have been misled into believing that certain things have been done, but as I have told you on plenty of occasions, it is not Stanley or myself that have done so. Have the guts and the decency to call me. I will be telling the truth. Youíll then have the opportunity to hear it.

            Please guys. No more pathetic threads. Either call me, or stop this nonsense. Canít really say fairer than that.


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