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Paolo Sausa on Sky sports play off

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    completely mad my dear boy a total fruitcake


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      any successful football team is built on three simple principals
      1...a strong reliable defence
      2...a strong and also creative midfield
      3...strikers that score goals.
      all those three units rely heavily on the others performing and linking together to create chances.paulo had a solid defence and even with the injuries we had a reasonably good midfield.the only section that didnt work was the strikers.those who get on paulo's back seem to forget that he had little to work with upfront.di carmine was not up to scratch,helguson is inconsistant and never has been a prolific goalscorer.dexter for his all his faults was running around like a fart in a trance half the season with a face like a smacked ass.some will say that strikers rely on good service and in some cases that is correct.but top players adapt to formations and tac-tics,just ask rooney who plays out wide in a lot of games.if a striker is not getting into the space/positions the service is wasted.most teams rely on a powerhouse and a poacher upfront and dexter or di carmine are neither of them to be honest.so before you attack paulo just sit back and look at what he had to work with.
      what the hell was god thinking of when he thought of hamsters?


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        as i say

        as i say adie its all water under the bridge now i have spoken to gianni a few times but he dosnt listen to me he realises i am a total brain dead but then none of my best mates listen to me either they just think its a shame im always drunk,your my only mate adie


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          Originally posted by vblockranger View Post
          Agree 100%..This club will never go forward when you have owners who think they are managers and a sporting director who thinks he's a top scout.
          totally agree, let the manager manage otherwise i might as well be in charge;D


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            Originally posted by qprmarc View Post
            sousa was crap. end of.
            along with your posts...end of


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              Originally posted by qprmarc View Post
              haha god hes desperate.
              Originally posted by qblockpete View Post
              Definitely talks the talk
              Originally posted by dexterforengland View Post
              i stated the hate campaign against him,and i have no problem with him finding a new club,hes a nice bloke and would probabley make a good plumber
              Originally posted by ginoqpr View Post
              will spend more time on tv than on the pitch
              as manager e will never succeed
              4-5---1 very negative
              paranoia not good in football
              criticize your players in public when lose a game is not god
              qpr make not mistake lost the PO BEGAUSE OF IS STUBBORNNESS

              It's good to see our supporters are as clever as ever.


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                Originally posted by Neil View Post
                Paolo Sausa on Sky sports play off - Preston v Sheff utd
                Getting back on-topic, unfortunately I missed it. Does anyone actually remember what he said?