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Warburton press conference

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  • Warburton press conference

    The new manager looks like a solid, straight ahead kind of guy who will be a little more inclusive with fans moving forward. We ALL hope he can make an immediate impact on our fortunes. What was concerning today was how Warburton said every Championship club is trying to do the same thing to get to the same place: promotion. So what is it about QPR's structure and strategy that gives us a better shot than the others to realize that goal? As shared on another post recently, QPR should try to do SOMETHING different than the others. Like becoming the fastest Club with breathtaking pace by recruiting speed. Imagine a team filled with BOS-like quickness? Or by recruiting a back line of back-breaking enforcers who will attack and bloody anyone who nears the box (versus backing off, and backing off, until those same players are free to shoot from 10 yards out).

    My message to QPR: be innovative. Do what others are not. Short of that, we will continue to labor in mediocrity with declining expectations, and declining interest, from long-patient fans.

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    Just watched this, all good noises, hope he can achieve his aims.
    As for getting excited and predicting a great, revival I've seen this too many times, and
    thought our young players are better than they were.
    I'll just sit back and observe, not even if we were to spend cash, will it mean anything. (which we won't, cuz we can't)
    And to be fair even if results are going quite well up to christmas, we would/could slip down the ladder like a window cleaner's chamois