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Thank you Ian Holloway TIME to Go

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  • Thank you Ian Holloway TIME to Go

    We get a thank you thread when we get our random wins here and there but f uck it Iíve had enough. Yes Iím writing this super p issed off but enough is enough.

    You came in after another s hit manager in JFH, promising attacking football etc but you have delivered nothing; at best we are treading water.

    We under your guidance are clueless and in the main turn out without a game plan as seen today. Pre match b ollocks about running them into the ground but f uck all of that on show today itís all f ucking talk and hot air.

    Three games this season against Brentford, no wins but eight conceded even though you have given big one before every game saying weíre up for it, we will play with passion, players know what it means as said above all f ucking hot air

    But this s hit pit is way bigger then Brentford, they are the tip of the iceberg, six derbies this season and no wins, canít win away, canít keep clean sheets, canít pick constant and stable side and go out every game with next to no tactics

    you sir are the problem!!! Your a washed up dinosaur of a manager and in my humble opinion you are now killing the club.

    Today for best part of 90mins you sat in your dug out!!!!!!!!! Not only did you sit in your dug out you sat in the second row back right hand side as far away from the action as you could possibly get!!!!! WHY????? In that position you had zero opportunity to influence game or motivate your players!!!!! The Brentford manager was visible for 90mins but you bottled it and hid in your dug out, when we needed you on the side of the pitch you were no where to be seen you sat behind the coaches and the subs and youíre supposed to be the leader!!!!

    Your time is up and the way you sheepishly walked off the pitch you know your time is up too so do the right thing. You walked off in front of away end gave quick look and clap saw everyone saying f uck off and bimbled off

    The game has moved on while you have stood still. Not everyone will agree with this but the above is an honest opinion after watching another shambolic display today and a season which went before of total and utter garbage

    Your display on the touchline today tells me your heart is not in this!!!! You talk about passion but today you proved to me this is simply a job to you no more no less.

    This club is Bigger then the Ian Holloway comedy show so step aside and let someone competent with passion have a go!!! The last thing I ever thought I would accuse you of is lack of passion but my god you lacked it today

    i know this post wonít be to everyoneís liking but thatís an honest assessment, apologies in advance if it upsets some people but it needs saying

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    Agree with every word mate.


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      But apart from that ...?


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        Originally posted by brightonr View Post
        But apart from that ...?
        Cobray is a nice guy


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          Brighton jokes aside enough is enough this canít go on


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            He has stabilised us a little i feel, and it's nice to not be
            fretting over relegation, but i also ask would a new set of ideas
            push this team even further on


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              Yep. Totally pissed off with this garbage. Just go.


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                Dave thst I give him I suppose but weíre at best treading water. Weíre going nowhere mate with him


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                  I haven't been able to watch a single one of his interviews for the last 6 months, as everytime he opens his mouth and starts talking I just want to smash the screen in for the amount of hot air and BS he spews out. As for FFP, f uck all that, it's just a lame excuse to hide behind sheer managerial incompetence.

                  Great post Wests. Agree with every word. Yes he really is a dinosaur.


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                    Whilst I agree that stability is the way forward - I kind of makes no sense when the manager is so erratic.

                    Then again, who knows what's going on with the squad behind the scenes.

                    Same old Rangers.....


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                      Stan watching him in dugout today was final straw. Someone posted I was on dug out watch but it was just bizarre. Derby match, weíre losing but heís not only sat in dug out!!! heís sat at the back of it in position where everyone needs to get up when he does want to get out of it!!!!! Seriously what is that about


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                        I thought, subs aside, we did OK today...... How strange. I'm usually screaming blue murder.


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                          Originally posted by West Acton View Post
                          Brighton jokes aside enough is enough this canít go on
                          Oh, I totally agree mate. Gone on far too long already in my opinion.


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                            Hollohead said that having to sub Matt Ingram scuppered his plans to win the game late on !!!!!!!!!!!
                            I had to read it twice to believe my eyes.
                            We have no game plan other than look up find the biggest man up front and lump it up to them, Sunday morning after being on the pis s football.
                            We do not have an identity on the pitch, it's not a rocket science, pass and move pass and move. We don't play as a team, it's yesterdays football.


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                              Hope he goes quicker than wenger
                              Chelmsford City the home of Radio