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Safe Standing at QPR

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  • Safe Standing at QPR

    Alan Sendorek, the head of strategy of QPR property and QPR FC emailed all the R's fan sites today with the following. The subject has been raised quite a bit on here, so he was happy for his message to be shared here too. He'll probably be following this thread so feel free to post any feedback or on-topic questions:

    Dear all

    You’ve probably seen the news about West Brom having their application for safe standing rejected by the Government http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43701400. There’s a petition which is at 25,000 signatures and growing all the time https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/207040

    I’ve had a few questions about safe standing and how it might affect us if the law was changed so thought it might be worth emailing all of you.

    Until the government changes the law, safe standing can’t be introduced. Terracing and safe standing are not allowed in the top two divisions by law (there are some exceptions, like if you’ve recently been recently promoted e.g. Burton, but none of them apply to us).

    If the law was changed, then it would be possible to introduce safe standing at Loftus Road. However, it wouldn’t significantly increase overall capacity because our capacity is still restricted by having to meet modern ground regulations on concourse space, number of toilets, safe entry and exit etc, where we are already very tight. These regulations have changed significantly since the 1970s when we could get 35,000 into Loftus Road. Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a good thing to do, but it wouldn’t significantly increase capacity.

    If the law was changed, then clearly it would be possible to introduce safe standing at a new stadium. But currently we don’t have definitive dates for either.

    For what it’s worth, I think the political pressure for change is growing, and a large number of people signing the petition will add to that. I was at Dortmund at the weekend, where they have a 24,500 safe standing end, which appears to operate without any problems at all.

    Please do get in touch if you’ve got any questions.

    Regards, Alan


    There is a good interview with Jon Darch (the guy behind the petition), which explains why retrofitting safe standing into existing grounds in England is unlikely to allow for much if any increase in capacity. That is particularly the case at a ground like ours where the circulation space is already too small.

    “In a country where the national regulations permit it and a stadium’s exits and concourses are large enough to handle the number of people concerned, you could be looking at as many as two people per seat space (in Hannover, for instance, 5,700 fans stand in an area of 3,000 rail seats). In the UK, however, seating rows tend not to be as deep as they are in, for example, Germany and in existing UK stadia the exits and concourses will have been designed to cope with no more people than the number of seats in the stand. In retrofit situations, therefore, achieving more than one person per seat may present a challenge – albeit not insurmountable.”


    But as I say, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it at Loftus Road if the law changes before we have moved to a new stadium.

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    Th govt need to rethink this now. Let's not forget part of the
    problem at Hilsborough was fencing.


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      Originally posted by QPRDave View Post
      Th govt need to rethink this now. Let's not forget part of the
      problem at Hilsborough was fencing.
      and the police


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        I think it's a given Dave that any implementation of safe standing would exclude fencing - that is a must.

        I find it irritating that Brentford have been allowed to have standing in the Championship for this long but guess it has something to do with moving to a new ground. On the issue as a whole, I understand the concerns but I really think we are ready for this move now and every signature will help.


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          Will any potential safe standing areas at loftus road challange the current position of the family stand?
          Would a potential safe standing ticket be cheaper than a seating ticket?

          I would be in favour of both, if the anser was yes.
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            It's not for me but I'm not against it, if people want to stand then don't see what the issue is.


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              at many grounds fans stand up anyway , away fans nearly always stand up


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                They have completely different reasons for doing this at Brighton.


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                  Safe standing aligned to the German model would mean standing would be safer in football than it is at many music venues.

                  Stupid decission not to at least trial it. We dont ban seating because of the Bradford fire. The world have moved on and lessons learnt.


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                    Ffs really gets my goat about Hillsborough. Yes it was a tragedy but it history. We had wars with the Germans but still buy their cars. Football on whole has changed.the age attending is older as they only ones who on the whole can afford to go. As for the Mickey mousers they got short memories as they the victims,but seem to forget about those Italians
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                      Don't see what the problem is. Choose an acre.


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                        Would love standing in the lower loft again.


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                          I have signed the petition as I’m fully in favour of safe standing.
                          I have supported Rangers for 50 seasons.


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                            Signed it as well. Makes no sense to not bring it in. People stand anyway so why not make it safe for them to do so. Zero injuries from Celtics safe standing area.


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                              Week-in, week-out, thousands of away fans stand throughout matches with no incidents being attributed to this.

                              So I have also signed the petition.