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    Originally posted by QPRDave View Post
    But Del, we are on a downward spiral, everything and everyone is down. I cannot understand what TF is doing.
    Yeah i get that and i agree about TF with regards to sticking with the useless stubborn manager we have, but as for the rest, we're only 1 win away from an entirely different looking table and the mood changing yet again. There's a really long way to go yet.


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      Originally posted by Stanley View Post
      TF: “Given the right motivation, tactics and coaching we can achieve much more.”

      Very telling quote that. Its so obvious what he's saying reading between the lines.

      Just a shame he's 6 months too late in realising it.
      I think he did know but was hoping Harry will turn it around, even he's had enough now.

      Like us Tony knows we have a decent squad to stay out the bottom 3, it is the tactics and coaching.

      I'd keep Hoddle because we've been more attacking since he come, the other two are useless like Harry.


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        Originally posted by brightonr View Post
        We are just a managerial change from safety. Nothing more.
        Post of the day. That was all we needed to do and we would have been alright. Instead we're dead and buried.


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          Originally posted by Martinmalta View Post
          The decisions taken by the R's hierarchy deserves the outcome. A complete disaster. Playing SIX players over 30 years of age in the modern days of fast football is criminal. To sell a young prospect to a rival is criminal. To insist on playing Bobby and leave Zarate warming the bench is criminal. And to keep Harry at the helm after 11 straight away defeats is not only criminal.....its suicide.