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BBC 3 are looking for fans attending Preston Match


  • BBC 3 are looking for fans attending Preston Match

    Hi there,

    BBC 3 are looking for QPR fans who might be going to the PRESTON MATCH AT LOFTUS ROAD on SATURDAY 20TH AUGUST, for a documentary we are working on about the opening of the Night Tube in London, which takes place that weekend (the Victoria and Central Lines will be running all night from Friday the 19th August).

    Are there any fans out there who are planning a night out in London after the game on the 20th August, and will be travelling by either line after midnight? If so, we would love to film with you briefly on your journey – to hear about where you’ve been, where you’re going, and a bit about yourselves (and QPR of course). It won’t take long and should be good fun!

    If you’re interested or know of anyone else who might be, please email me at



    • Rangers77
      Rangers77 commented
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      How about Nasser as he's checking up on stats and watching a rerun of the game...... How about it, fella?

    • nasser95
      nasser95 commented
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      Originally posted by Rangers77
      How about Nasser as he's checking up on stats and watching a rerun of the game...... How about it, fella?
      Unfortunately Reruns only come out the next day. If they want to document my post midnight life, they'd have to censor most of it.

    • Hubble
      Hubble commented
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      They really haven't thought this through, have they? Anyone attending the game and its 3pm KO will be absolutely mullered by midnight! I know on the few extremely rare occasions I have stayed in the Bush that late to celebrate a great win or just hang out with my mates, I have been practically paralytic by midnight, given that I've usually started drinking at about 1pm. Following someone home in that state might be funny for the viewing public I suppose...
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