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We the fans are the problem


  • We the fans are the problem

    We expect too much from.what is a small club earning small gate receipts.
    We buy young hungry players then complain they aren't established pros, we buy established pros then complain they arent young and hungry enough.
    One loss, we fear the worst, one win we feel invincible.
    We want to rebuild yet aren't willing to accept that sometimes that means multiple relegations and many years of work, we want instant success (right now-next year) yet then wonder why our youth team is poor and we don't have steady one club players and a better system like at other clubs.

    We aren't all guilty of doing all of this but for sure I do a few, mainly the win thing(difficult not to get caught up in the hype).

    • James1979
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      I think that Holloway managed to galvanize us fans because we were at such a low point and he was part of a very successful qpr team in his playing days. Warnock, again turned things round very quickly and he had adel to entertain. I think it's more the style of play and the lack of real entertainment combined with lack of wins that has meant he has failed to galvanize the fans. I don't buy that it's fans fault. It's same fans pretty much that were there under Holloway. I do think that Holloway and Warnock were big personalities and also had players who got the fans behind the team. I'm not sure that is the case now.

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      Fans are not the problem, how cringeworthy it is to even entertain this possibility.

    • maidstone_hoop
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      Very good post by OP.

      Would also add that the club have sent out very mixed messages and often change their mind on what philosphy and direction they are going in every 3 or 4 months. Been a confusing period for QPR fans with ups and downs. However right now I hope they stick to the new regime and give it a real go of rebuilding the team. I think if we give it 2 or 3 years we could see a real difference. It's all about patience now as far as I am concerned.

      JFH is having a tough time atm but we havent got much to play for and the season is effectively over in Feb for us. Its not like the Prem where you get a extra few hundred thousand for finishing higher. I will say that JFH will need to do alot better than this next season. 2 wins from 14 isnt good enough.
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    About to get automatically promoted
    About to enter playoffs
    About to finish rather close to playoff spots
    About to finish mid-table, like now
    Just about avoiding relegation
    Relegated but with a cool new training ground at last
    23-04-2018, 11:53 AM