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  • On way home

    For all you lucky souls who missed this,today was a total shambles, what Ramsay tells them to do is beyond me. Not one player had the know how to slow the game down and help retain the ball.
    Both fullbacks look rough although they did improve as the game went on.

    Cherry our best player was mysteriously taken off and apart from Phillips second half and the Chief everyone else looked poor.

    Green pisses me off with his terrible distribution,constantly holding his hands up blaming everyone bar himself when he slices the ball into the stand.

    This is going to be a very long hard season.

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    Yes poor no doubt but we missed some great chances too. No leader on the pitch - I'd have Barton back.

    As for the German love child of Iain Dowie and Mickel Beck Christ I look more mobile.

    Oh and taking the ball into the corner on 87 mins!?

    Yep gonna be a long hard season indeed.