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  • Chicken and egg

    There has been lots of anger and disappointment from fans over the last year about perceived lack of respect from the owners, a failure to invest in the team and lack of a top managerial appointment. This has led understandably to a lot of people saying enough is enough they won't go and support the Rs anymore.

    Understandable though it is it is also self defeating. Based on our attendances we are a poor Championship side or decent League One side. Ignoring our owners personal wealth we punched above our weight last season and this coming season can look forward to the likes of Buzz, Vine and Rowly returning to the side which in theory should increase significantly the entertainment value and hopefully points total.

    The owners have made it clear they want to stabilise the club as a business. If we have less money coming in then presumably that means it is less likely we will sign decent players and more likely to maybe even sell some. This is more likely given the owners appear to be servicing a significant deficit as it is. In other words we are relying on them dipping into their own pockets to even keep us at this level.

    Based on some of the crap served up during my 25ish years of supporting this club I think we have a lot to look forward to.

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    I think we havea lot to look forward to as well. Its understandable to be negative at times, as we are paying a lot of money - but if we are patient, i can see us moving forward. I dont see how Flavio and Co will want to look like failures, they will want to do well. Far too much negativity - which brings down the season before it even begins