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Will he have a chance?

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  • Will he have a chance?

    How come we are involved in transfer talks with other clubs when we don’t have a manager? This just highlight’s the fact that no matter who comes in they won’t have total control over team affairs which can only, in my opinion lead to the inevitable sacking of the manger in six months time.

    Until we have a manger that is aloud to have total control of who comes in and who comes out we will never achieve the feats that our owners (god bless them) want.
    Can they not see that the continental why of coaching just doesn’t work in the English game. All current successful team have a strong man at the helm that is in total control of team affairs.
    A man who has not made a mistake has made nothing

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    You would think a player wd like to know who was managing him. But whoever is appointed suspect the Fitz Hall brigade have an attitude of "oh well, doesn't matter if this manager doesn't rate me, another one will be along in a minute..."


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      There could be two reasons for going ahead with making transfers:

      1) To sign players before they join opposing teams
      2) To make the team look more attractive to a prospective manager


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        or 3) We pick the players and you coach them. Then we sack you if they're crap.
        We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are...


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          I agree that its not an ideal situation, but we can't stand still whilst waiting to appoint a manager.


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            how many managers we gonna have next season? 2? 3?....