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  • 2000 Away Fans

    It irks me when a club like Norwich, with a bigger ground than us, only let 2000 away fans in (and stick them at the side of a main stand) yet we give them 3000ish tickets at our smaller gaff.

    Now it is within the EFL rules which state clubs must give whichever is the lesser of 10% of total capacity to visiting fans OR 2000 seats.

    So, any club with a stadium that holds over 20K only has to give 2000 seats to visiting fans. Obviously, many clubs give well over that amount, likes of Cov, Preston, Blackburn for instance. I suppose they cant fill their grounds but Norwich can.

    I'd like to see us give only 1800 tickets to visitors. Would that amount fit in the paddocks - would be fantastic to stuff away fans down the cruddy side with no roof over them.

    Be great to get Rs fans in the School End. I'd think about having seriously cheap tickets in that end for anyone with a local postcode and/or on benefits. Routinely have a few hundred free seats for schools or youth groups too. Designate one section as family or "dad & lad" area, again, dirt cheap - no more than a tenner. This approach would allow the expansion of rail seating in The Loft and return that end to being a more raucous and boisterous part of the ground.

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    I sit in the paddock ( wet seats) , have sat all over and like it best there.
    We do have away fans in there already every time we play Leeds United.