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  • Willock

    Haven't seen game. How did Willock play?

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    Fairly quiet, more involved second half. Looks very rusty and lacking match sharpness but he's hardly kicked a ball for 6 months. I think he'll return to form under MC if he can stay fit. We could certainly do with him getting back to his best.


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      Did nothing. Was indistinguishable from Dixon-Bonner in terms of actual impact on the game.

      Given Rotherham were a really poor lightweight outfit you'd have hoped he could have asserted his class on proceedings but he didnt. Cant recall any meaningful interplay with Chair either. Despite what some say, I thought it was a pretty duff team showing from us - about the same as the 2nd half at Huddersfield and nowhere near as solid/cohesive as the Boro and Cardiff games. I suppose in that context, it's kind of hard for Willock to thrive if there's a lot of loose play and questionable decision making going on around him.

      Anyway, I accept he needs to "blow the cobwebs off" but in terms of him and Chair having an understanding, running the show and hurting the opposition I'd say he was about 10% is "old self".

      Cifuentes will soon have a decision to make. If he judges Willock by what he sees in front of him then Willock will need to significantly liven up PDQ or I cant see how Cifuentes can start him. I presume Cifuentes will have people telling him about "the old Willock" and he will steadily get up to speed so stick with him but we are in a relegation dogfight and cannot carry passengers or indulge lightweight players. Ball's very firmly in Willock's court to step it up quickly.


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        What Willock needs, the whole team needs is start passing and moving together like a unit. At his best he is a cut above most of the squad but he's not good enough to lift a bad team up. When we're more cohesive and he gets more game time it would be fair to judge. Abseits you were at the gale and I wasn't, what i saw yesterday overall wasn't amazing but the intent was there, it's been a while since we've shown that.

        Like most have been saying if we progress in that direction we should be ok, and so should Willock.