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    3 minutes has to be worth something

    hopefully gives him a boost and can bag a shed load for us.

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    I suppose that ensures he's now off-limits to other countries and can't be distracted by any overtures that England might have made going forwards. In fairness, he seems to be a genuine proud Irishman so it's unlikely he'd have been interested anyhows.

    That aside, well done him. What with that young fellah at Brighton, ROI could have a fearsome attack for a decade to come.


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      Some media are reporting that the club are preparing a long contract to Sinclair. I say, the sooner, the better. Sinclair is growing into something special week by week. He will be noted and we do not want another sick situation similar to Robinson, BOS, Manning and now Willock. A contract similar to the one Ilias signed will do. Five years with another year optional.


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        He has done great and progressed really well this season in a short space of time. Hopefully we can tie him down. If a club wants him further down the road they will pay for him regardless.

        Well done on getting his first of what should be many caps.


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          Scored for the 21s


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            of course i am biased,but he really should stick with us at least 2-3 years more. Hes a real talent,but also he has a lot to learn also, i think he knows that too. Playing with us week in week will him defo make him better with time. I really want to believe that he sees us best place for his career atm and the future too.


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              No way , his head will turn if shown the big penny.
              Football is agent driven now.