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We need points

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  • We need points

    So, if Laird is fit next weekend, play 5 at the back with Kakay RCB.

    No Chair or Willock we need to defend for our lives and grind out a few nil nils

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    Even though its away, Rotherham are below us in the league, so we should try and win the game.

    If you try and win you might get a draw. If you defend deep and go for a draw you might lose 1-0

    Just a thought..........?


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      Understand the sentiment but we are so brittle that I think if we dig in and try and get a draw we will almost certainly concede and probably more than one. We don't score either and midfield do not protect defence enough. Need to just see who is available and pick a team to try and stretch the opposition (not that we have done much of that for a long old time!) and keep the ball away from our weak back line.

      Laird has made some costly mistakes of late. Both he and Kakay look better going forwards than defending. Much as I hate playing players out of position I would put one at RB and play the other on right side of midfield. Would give us a pacey right hand side and maybe allow us to get more crosses into Martin and Lowe, who I would have playing off Martin. If Chair is fit play him on left and Field and another in the centre. If we keep doing what we are doing nothing will change. Could even put Uncle Albert at RB (did ok there for a while a couple of seasons back), Kakay replacing Dickie in centre. Not convinced Kakay is a great choice for CB but can't be much worse than Dickie has been.