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Dykes’ penalty miss for Scotland

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  • Dykes’ penalty miss for Scotland

    It is one of the worst ones I have ever seen. I hope he improves his technique if taking one for QPR. He missed one against Norwich towards the end of last season too.

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    Keeper can do one of three, go left, stand still or go right, the taker has a choice of left, right or middle and can vary the height and power.
    I don't like this "great pen" "terrible pen" stuff we all get caught up in.
    No excuse for not hitting the target though and if it's saved then hey ho.
    We have all seen pens rolled in at walking pace with keeper going wrong way, if it's saved its a terrible pen, can debate all day but fair play to the Israeli keeper for winning the battle of wits.


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      As Clive Wilson once said "a good penalty is one that hits the back of the net".

      Doesn't matter how it goes in as long as it does!


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        It gets me when they say the taker sent the keeper the wrong way. No, the keeper guessed the wrong way.


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          he can miss 100s of pens for scotland, i don't care but score all for qpr!


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            Originally posted by davieqpr View Post
            It gets me when they say the taker sent the keeper the wrong way. No, the keeper guessed the wrong way.
            No no no! These clever penalty takers give them "the eyes" you see - it's a skill bordering on the supernatural. They make the keeper dive the wrong way.

            I saw a penalty this week, might have been Pickford actually, where goalie was already launching to his left when taker was still about a foot away from the ball - that taker must have really given the keeper "the eyes".

            There's a bigger issue with pens that becoming more and more normal........ endless moaning and delaying by the defending team. It's become ridiculous. They know what they're doing too.

            I'd like to see ref give them them a 5-second warning to clear the area and goalie get on the line. Failure to comply would mean automatic awarding of a goal without taking the penalty.