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  • On my way home

    Brilliant and deserved win against a strong Everton team, Rangers were superb first half and deserved their half time lead, their movement was a joy to watch and Everton’s right back was torn to pieces by Chair and Willock.
    Everton created nothing and their first goal looked close to being off side.

    Second half was a different game as Everton got a lot closer and nullified Chair and Willock, however there equaliser was from a scuffed corner that somehow evaded 2 or 3 of our defenders.
    I don’t think over the whole game did Everton look a different class, for a team that has aspirations for a top 10 Prem finish they looked bang average.
    Amos came on to a good reception and had a very tidy performance, looked like McCullem had hamstring problems but hopefully nothing to bad.
    Penalty shoot out saw Rangers dispatch each one with ease, Dieng did save one but Ref decided that’s not fair against a Prem team, however justice was done in the end, wild celebrations at the end from a boisterous and noisey crowd.

    One last point, our floodlights are a disgrace, and apparently Keith Friend the ref was heard by a broadcaster saying If this was a Premiership game he may have abandoned it.

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    Lee hoos has already said how bad the floodlights are and how they are in need of upgrading. Surely the club are able to rectify this??? How much would it cost? Seems a poor show that a prem ref deemed them to be so bad he would call a game off because of it! It's a bit embarrassing.


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      Probably only dimmed them down a bit due to increased electricity costs.


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        We play in the Dark, we play in the Dark, weer Queens Park Rangers, we play in the Dark.


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          I thought i have some problems with my tv settings, because the picture was so dark.


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            Need some stronger light bulbs


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              As long as the Lux levels ( light levels comply Kevin friend would need a lux meter similar to what umpires use to pp a game blokes talking out his ####) Although id agree they aint great if we were to invest in new stadium lighting we would be looking at 500k roughly just for fittings + installation or not bother and put it to new stadium, Aslo if we went state of the art SKy have different cameras for Prem with LED and say championship or league 1 and even non prem with old fittings,


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                  Originally posted by ArcticHoop View Post
                  I thought i have some problems with my tv settings, because the picture was so dark.
                  Here too, I thought it was the dodgy stream I was watching!