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  • Talksport Glen Matlock

    Former pistol and lifelong R Glen Matlock was on talksport's Johnny Owen show Sunday morning.
    He talks about the music and being a Rangers fan since childhood and also gives his best QPR x1.
    It can be heard on the schedule/catch up tab on their website, go to the 0930-1000 and then 100p-1030 tabs on drop down menu once you select Sunday 30th May Johnny Owen and friends.
    I enjoyed it.

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    Glen is also playing "Portobello live" festival in July in Ladbroke grove


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      I was in 1st year at St Clement Danes when he was a 5th year. Cant say I remember much about him personally but obviously there was much awe and wonderment amongst us snotty-nosed young 'uns at him becoming a scary punk rocker. I read his autobiography some years ago "I was a Teenage Sex Pistol" and enjoyed it vey much. I shall go and have a listen to that radio show.


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        I was in the same year as Cookie (Wren) but he was mates with my year older brother and been in our house loadsa times back in the early 70s (in Loftus Rd) Think all 4 have !!


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          Cookie played football with my big brother for Twickenham post in the early 90s , turned out once for them got myself got sent off