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  • QPR Shirts Paintings

    Finally I have my own customised and now “Limited Edition” QPR Shirts painted and hanging in my office. My Brother-in-law is a pretty damn good artist and had started up painting again after what seemed like years. I asked him if he could hand paint some QPR Shirts to prove that his artwork isn’t just limited to his tastes, with a view to me getting one mounted as a collection through the years**. Unlike other massive clubs there aren’t that many options out there. I decided to have these 6 shirts created in an A3 mounted Frame (they can be madesmaller). The 1979 Home Shirt (love that badge), the 1982 Away Cup Final, my favourite (as I was born in Park Royal) Guinness sponsored shirts including the iconic Dennis the Menace Away shirt adding a bit of colour contrast adding the Green & White Hoops 2010/11 Shirt and finally the last shirt that I bought. He’s now made it available on Etsy for the QPR Family. He can also create your own bespoke design if contacted I am sure.


    **Paintings are computer generated with the help of my iPad Pro and a couple of apps, with Photoshop on the iPad and PC. My printed output at present is from the wonderful Canon Pro 1000. When this printing is completed on the appropriate paper the work can look just like a watercolour or fine Gouache painting. Hence the French term Giclee print.

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