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    He's older than BOS, Eze, Tielemans and hundreds of other footballers who are expected to perform. I'm not commenting on his performance, I'm merely pointing out he's been wearing big boy's pants for a few years now and I do not consider him as one of our kids. He's stepped up from the reserves and this is his chance to prove he's a solid competent player at this level (duff end of Championship). He needs to show that competence pretty damn quick... not next season or when he's 25. Ultimately, he hasn't got the luxury of learning on the job - he should have completed his basic learning over past several years.


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      Originally posted by Dono77 View Post

      Where does it say that in the quote? Before jumping in and looking like a pr***, maybe read through it before replying with that nonsense. You have a major problem with some people on here so I wont enter into a discussion with you.

      I said he has the ability but lacks the desire/determination at the moment. A 4 year deal for a lad who had never played in this league and wasnt even first choice before he was offered the deal. So far, he has loads of ability but looks far too laid back and casual at times. Look at the goal from last night and the non penalty he committed against rotherham on Tuesday night.
      spot on Dono.

      You did not write him off and most people wouldn't have said you did. A 2 year deal with an option to extend would have been sufficient to ascertain how he would cope at this level. He also gave the ball away that led to Rotherham's 2nd goal. I know he is young (inexperience wise) and has a lot to learn so am not blaming him. As for marking Toney, whose numbskull decision was that. why not Barbet or Dickie, afterall, CBs usually mark CFs.