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Are any of you in the Stock Market?

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  • Are any of you in the Stock Market?

    Day Trading or want to learn more and share information?

    Just trying to find out.

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    Yes, I am and my advice is stay well clear and only invest in funds where professional managers decide on what firms to invest in. And the main advice as always is only invest what you can afford to lose.

    At the moment im invested into shares that have been hit by covid the most on the hope of a rebound. Easyjet, Lloyds Banking Group and Natwest. The banks have been cushioned by Govt support but my suffer huge losses in the future when that support ends and the extent to a future recession. Airline stocks may recover when vaccine rolls out. All three of these need to double in value to get back to previous highs. But these are high risk stocks.


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      I agree with Sheep. I used to work for a sharedealing offshoot of a bank, but keep to collectives now. I haven't added anything in years, just stick with what I've got.

      There's no get rich quick path on the Stock exchange.