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Thanks to QPR, football league fans have once.......

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  • Thanks to QPR, football league fans have once.......


    Thanks to QPR, football league fans have once again been reminded that money can't buy success.

    In fact, billionaire owners and high-profile signings just seem to spell trouble, just ask Notts County fans.

    When Flavio Briatore and Co rocked up at Loftus Road promising Champions League football in five years, no-one would have imagined that halfway through that period Rangers would be marooned in mid-table and on their seventh permanent boss.

    But no matter how much money Briatore throws at the club, if he continues to try and influence everything on the football side of things, this ugly cycle of hire and fire isn't going to stop.

    Why spend millions of pounds on wages and compensation if you're just going to try and pick the team and buy players yourself?

    And no manager worth their salt is going to manage them knowing that as soon as they want to make a decision the chairman doesn't like, his P45 is in the post.

    Mick Harford is back as Flavio's puppet for the time being, but in the summer, the money men behind Briatore will again try and pick the boss to finally lead them to the promised land, but maybe they should just employ the chairman as gaffer.

    Or they could finally force him to keep his nose out and spend some money wisely by bringing in a solid, experienced manager and, more importantly, show some patience and loyalty.

    Instant success in football is a myth. It takes time, experience and sensible investment, and the sooner Briatore and Co realise this, the sooner the soap opera at Loftus Road stops.

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    Pretty standard stuff.

    And bang on.
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      I agree, look at Man City, what is it they have spent, 200 Milllion and it doesnt look like they have succeeded as quick as they thought they would. With all the players bought a team still needs to be managed properly and have time to gel.
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