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Heidar Helgusson and his alleged failed medical?

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  • Heidar Helgusson and his alleged failed medical?

    This was one comment 'alleged' to have been made my Sousa.

    Personally, if true then I feel it's a disgrace. His history would show you he had hardly played in the last 2 years and is still currently injured.

    Is it a QPR policy to still sign players regardless of whether or not they fail a medical?

    So why did we sign him?

    Was it a desperate measure to appease the fans who have been crying out for a goal scorer for the last 18 months?
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    Or was it as a favour to an Agent? Who Knows; I certainly don't!!!!


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      but he ain't one....40 odd games in 3 yrs says a lot...since he's been at qpr, how many games has he played, even as sub/subbed? 10-12??

      and how long is his contract and whats it worth??


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        whatever the circumstances...i think he should be gone in the summer...not good enough or reliable enough.


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          do we know for a fact Helgusson failed a medical?

          To be fair, I've seen Paulo Sousa's statement today and he makes no reference to what may or may not have been said.

          If it is true, surely he shouldn't be telling anyone outside club officials? This would be an internal matter.

          I'm not sure he has been unfit when he has played, he just cannot hit a barn door. Maybe a deadline or Charlton wanted him , who knows.

          Everyone wanted him after his loan period


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            a 'mate' ( and i use that rem loosely} couldnt believe we signed old sicknote as foolem bombed him out for failing every medical they set him.............another gp own goal and shows we do no research on our purchases..........no wonder gp couldnt run a bath!
            you know nothing john snow!!!!


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              Sturridge pt 2
              "Originally Posted by qblockpete
              QPR will finish at least in the Play offs
              Swansea will finish in bottom 6
              Middlesboro will finish champions"


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                Maybe the board just wanted to shut the fans up by signing a striker?