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Neil Warnock putting himself forward for the QPR job?

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  • Neil Warnock putting himself forward for the QPR job?

    "experienced manager" - http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/footba...ue-one-5678030

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    I'd say that Warnock is spot on. I like Ramsey but we need someone who knows what is needed to remain in the Championship let alone get promoted from it.


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      Thank you for that useful input, Captain Neil Obvious!
      Banning people is no longer my hobby,
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      How and why did I start supporting QPR in Estonia:


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        Dont think he's trying to sell himself just saying how it is. And imo he's spot on!


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          Warnock is a QPR legend IMHO - but his biggest strength was to pull in the likes of Derry, Orr, Kenny and Hill who provided a core to the team. He doesn't have those resources any more. Of course, he got the best out of Adel too......

          But with Barton here, he won't be coming anywhere near the place. So I guess we have to see what happens on that front.


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            I like Warnock but like this forum its a massive overreaction. I am devastated that we have dropped but let's remember the reasons why...Neils old mucker harry redknapp. No manager could of inherited his dross and made them successful. I also blame Fernandes for not changing sooner. Some of us knew keeping on hazza was a disaster just waiting to happen. My only concern is Ramsey being to nice and by the sounds of it will les cherry pick the players? I love led but I am not sure regarding his role
            I played sunday league football today.

            Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

            I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

            We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!


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              He is spot on. To be fair I would have him back instead of most of the names being thrown around.

              Clement, we will not have a chance in hell getting due to the state of our club, so Warnock is probably the next best bet to stop us free falling unless we go get some unknown foreign coach and hope it works out like the Boro/Watford gaffers.

              However, that old saying 'never go back'.


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                Head says no, heart says yes.