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Ramsey and Barton as joint managers?

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    fantastic post merry ploughboy

    fantastic post merry ploughboy you are bang on the money
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      Originally posted by The Merry Ploughboy View Post
      You been at the cooking sherry??

      Go all out for Warburton, Give Ramsay a head of youth role and give Clint the no2 job, give them 5year deals a strict budget and make us a solid championship outfit playing some decent football, build the foundations a la Leicester and if we do then back to the prem we've a base to have a real good go at it.

      My point was it would it work if Ramsey gets the job which has been widely reported he has been offered a couple of years contract

      Personally I would love to see Warburton solely in charge expecially as he will have a major point to prove after the way he has been shafted at Brentford and if not him then McClaren


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        In other news, SWP will be joining the club's fraud squad on a four year contract.


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          Originally posted by qprted View Post
          fantastic post merry ploughboy you are bang on the money
          Cheers you Norfolt legend, hope you're well
          From the Hills of Kerry
          To the streets of Free Derry


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            The problem is with Tony at the helm he has to have the club in the premiership for the publicity and OOC. Im sure we will do another bodge job and go all out for promotion . Something needs to change


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              Originally posted by IsleworthRanger View Post
              Would this work?
              god no!

              only way I would maybe even consider it would be if Joey was able to smack Mourinho in the huddlestones a la the post-match handshake
              Rangers Til I Die
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                Originally posted by Robsondinho View Post
                Jesus wept
                Best team in the world
                Sort of


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                  Ebony n ivory together in rangers harmony side by side in the dug out as we lose to baarnserlee
                  you know nothing john snow!!!!


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                    I'd go Warburton with Ramsay No.2.

                    Clint can work with the youth with Ramsay if he can do both.


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                      My word, is this what we've been reduced to ???

                      If Ramsey can coach, Id love to see what they've been doing all year.

                      Time to get in a real manager (ie someone who has possibly, maybe done the job before...), and not some gently spoken half wit.