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Club Meeting: Old Oak Common

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  • Club Meeting: Old Oak Common

    A couple of days ago I was approached by admin on this site to ask if I could possibly attend a fans meeting on behalf of this website. I was honoured to do so and so last night I attended a meeting at the club which included reps from various groups/sites etc including QPR LSA, QPR 1st Supporters Trust, The QPR Disabled Supporters Association, Loft for Words, Independent Rís, QPR Podcast, Fans Network and Radio 909.

    The purpose of the meeting was to inform the fans present of a consultation period that is going to take place in the next few weeks regarding a potential move for QPR FC to the Old Oak Common site. The proposed project will incorporate a new stadium for the club, entertainment outlets and new housing.
    Taking the lead for the club was Mark Donnelly (Chief Operations Officer) along with Ian Taylor (QPR Media Officer), Andy Rees (QPR fans Liaison Officer) and a chap called Alex whose surname I missed but who has, and will, be playing an important marketing role in the proposed project.

    By now, most should be aware of the press release by the club regarding this project (which was made early today) but I have summarised some bullet points from the meeting for interest below.

    The club believe that this project is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the owners and shareholders see it as a chance to leave a legacy to the club.

    The consultation periods over the next few weeks will allow fans, residents, businesses and all other interested parties to view the plans openly, along with giving opportunities to allow those present to speak with club representatives to discuss the plans and project.

    Following the consultation period the club would then amass all feedback before moving onto the next phase which would amount to putting in an application for planning permission.

    The cost of the consultation period is being funded by the club owners/shareholders and then should the planning application progress, partners would be sought to help with funding.

    Structure of ownership of the ground is to be discussed as nothing has yet been set in stone, but the club owners/shareholders would play a part in this.

    Planning application could possibly go ahead in April of next year and Car Giant it is expected will also make an application too.

    The whole project would not be reliant on HS2 going through.

    The club has had various discussions with the GLA (Greater London Assembly) and local council regarding the project, and needless to say there are political aspects to be considered too.

    55,000 community leaflets regarding this project are being mailed out to various homes, businesses etc. There is the opportunity for replies via the sticky envelopes provided on them.

    The Consultation period will give supporters the chance to discuss any questions they have regarding this and for those unable to make visits in person, there will be opportunities for fans to contact the club via other methods. Ian Taylor also mentioned that the club will be inviting fans to go along to the club (slotted times) on match day and non match days, having the opportunity to speak on camera for five minutes or so having their say on the proposed new ground.

    Iíve done my best to bullet point items/areas discussed/raised last night but itís been a while since Iíve done anything like this so if anyone has anything else to ask then feel free to ask below and Iíll do my best to answer.
    Thanks to the admin on here for asking me to go along and I can honestly say it was a pleasure. U Rrrrrsssss.