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WATRB Matchday Ticket Competition & Rules

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  • WATRB Matchday Ticket Competition & Rules

    Below is the fixture list for this season. QPR supporters who live overseas can apply for a single or a pair of tickets on the house issued by WeAreTheRangersBoys.com. If no overseas fan can attend a match then all members are free to enter our competition to win them, as we've been doing.


    1. You must be a regular poster on the site.
    2. If you'd like to visit a fixture that's not already taken, please PM (private message) a member of the admin/mod team so they can update the fixture list below.
    3. You must confirm two weeks before the fixture that you'll still be attending - otherwise the competition opens up to UK members.
    4. Only one entry per season allowed.
    5. A name next to a fixture means that the ticket has already been taken for that match. (No competition for that game unless Smarkets offer us one)
    6. Members living on Channel Islands and Gibraltar count as overseas, not the Isle of White.
    7. If there is no name next to a fixture then we'll run it as a competition on the forum as normal.
    8. If you've already won this season, you can't enter again unless we state otherwise.

    Queens Park Rangers Fixtures

    QPR v Leeds - Sun 07 Aug - 12:00 - Hitman34 (Won in competition)
    QPR v Preston - Sat 20 Aug - 15:00 - RoryTheRanger (Won in competition)

    QPR v Blackburn - Sat 10 Sep - 15:00 - 72bus (Won in competition)
    QPR v Newcastle - Tue 13 Sep - 19:45 - SoCal (Overseas Supporter - Coming from the U.S)
    QPR v Birmingham - Sat 24 Sep - 15:00 - 1QPRDK (Overseas Supporter - Coming from Denmark with daughter )

    QPR v Reading - Sat 15 Oct - 15:00 - Milney (Won in competition)
    QPR v Bristol City - Tue 18 Oct - 19:45 - Kirill (Overseas Supporter and buying an extra ticket to make it 3 - Coming from Estonia)
    QPR v Brentford - Fri 28 Oct - 19:45 - Corbray (Won in competition)

    QPR v Norwich - Sat 19 Nov - 15:00 Greg1882 & WeAreQPR12 (Won in competition - 2 single tickets)

    QPR v Wolves - Sat 3 Dec - 15:00 vanhoop (Won in competition)
    QPR v Derby - Tue 13 Dec - 19:45 Fordy (Won in competition)
    QPR v Aston Villa - Sat 17 Dec - 15:00 Oliver0203 (Overseas Supporter - Coming from Denmark with son)

    QPR v Ipswich - Mon 2 Jan - 15:00 e8 ranger (Overseas Supporter - Coming from Singapore with his 6 year old son)
    QPR v Fulham - Sat 21 Jan - 15:00 Itsonlyagame (Won in competition)
    QPR v Burton - Sat 28 Jan - 15:00 OneJamieMackie (Won in competition)

    QPR v Huddersfield - Sat 11 Feb - 15:00 Fraggy (Overseas Supporter and WATRB's Admin - Coming from Canada with son)
    QPR v Wigan - Tue 21 Feb - 19:45 - furlong29 (Won in competition)

    QPR v Cardiff - Sat 4 Mar - 15:00 - qprjeff1882 (Won in competition)
    QPR v Barnsley - Tue 7 Mar - 19:45 - Nicholas Cole (Won in competition)
    QPR v Rotherham - Sat 18 Mar - 15:00 - MEM (Won in competition)

    QPR v Brighton - Fri 7 Apr - 15:00 MEM (Won in competition again. Got lucky as there were no other entrants!)
    QPR v Sheff Wed - Mon 17 Apr - 15:00 -
    QPR v Nottm Forest - Sat 29 Apr - 15:00 - Hoos Your Daddy (Overseas Supporter - Coming from the US - Philadelphia)

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    Thanks for the pair of tickets v Bristol City last week, took my sister and her boyfriend. He had actually never been to football before, it all seemed pretty dire to him and I myself feared a bore draw but the team delivered in the end and we also got a nice group photo with Jude
    Banning people is no longer my hobby,
    but take a look at my photo blog:


    How and why did I start supporting QPR in Estonia:


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      Saw the picture of you sitting in the seats Kirill, you didn't look very happy.
      I blew a lot on vodka and tonic, gambling and fags. Looking back, I think I overdid it on the tonic. - The one and only Stanley Bowles


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        Are we still running the match day ticket give away?