This message is for all members of this site. All the moderation team have discussed this issue and we all agree it's not wanted on this site. We mention lifetime bans yet issue warnings and small bans. Truth be told the latter doesn't help because it soon starts up again, and all the moderation team have had enough of it now. Therefore we've all agreed from today that if he posts anything remotely racist we'll issue an indefinite ban and will be sticking to it.

This is also based on complaints received from other posters; as well as out of respect to the long-standing ethos and integrity of the forum and its rules. Further, we are perfectly capable of telling the difference between light-hearted banter - and (overt or covert) racism; the latter we have an absolute zero-tolerance policy over.

If a thread gets locked it's for a good reason; anyone with questions regarding this statement can PM one of the mods. We try to be fair and open about everything we do, so please try to make our lives a little easier and police yourselves. We are all human and mostly QPR fans; live in peace and be happy as life is short.