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so it seems as though puching someone on the nose
just because you dont like his clothes
is not the done thing anymore
are you telling me that people are actually going to football to see the score

well thats amazing never thought i would see the day
that people would actually turn up to watch the play
the hostililities have gone back to days of old
if you can believe the stories that have been told

lots of shouting abuse but really its only jest
its a kind of system designed to get your team to play there best
then after the game its all down the pub for a cuddle and a hug
all still shouting abuse boy oh boy we have really got the bug

never again can someone get a dart in his hooter
never again skinhead on his scooter
not even a knocked out fan outside the bok
no pool balls in a sock

well this old world keeps evolving and changes do take place
30 stone hooligans now have elecution lessons and walk with grace
even factomondo gave a chelsea fan a kiss on the cheek i hear
next your gonna be telling me that all hostilities disapear

so the fans all wear there best clothes,and kiss the opposition and make friends
whether you can enjoy this atmosphere all depends
getting beaten by chelsea six ,one
could lead to heart attacks,thats not my idea of fun