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Thread: Next Season Season Tickets

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    I'll renew. If the price goes up I'll have to think about it. I pay 400 at the moment, not paying more than that. Actually think that's a bit too much, works out about 17 a game. I'd be happy with 345/15 per game, considering I'm in a "bronze" seat with a slightly restricted view.

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    i've been asking myself this of late , against boro and mk i sat thru players that couldn't hit the target , players that couldn't do the basics and a team that were all over the shop . i's not the price for me but sitting in the cold not being able to feel my toes and watching a clueless team

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    no way would I renew if I had a st
    I did have one a few years back
    and for a while but I felt then I was getting good value with
    but got #### down in flames for saying I'm glad I never renewed on this forum
    Ramsey the p.e teacher had something to do with why
    but I did think about getting another when JFH took charge
    bus as for hollowhead and the last 2 utter tripe seasons
    naw danger it's a rip off

    but saying that paying 32 on the door is a disgrace

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    I'll be there, hopefully Holloway won't be.

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    Yep renew here what else is there to do on a Saturday

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    I will renew despite missing games as always. Just like being a season ticket holder and reluctant to give up a decent bronze seat, plus in the unlikely event of being back in prem you struggle for a decent seat due to the hangers on and tourists. My kids are grown up and I can afford the 400 which obviously helps

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    Ithink the board have already given up. If we get relegated they don't renew Onuoha or Robinson contract and sell Smithies and Freeman.The rest are virtually Div.1 wages including the Manager and coaching staff.

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    Will not renew my three which is close to 1200 no way not on the showing on and off the pitch this past 2 seasons.

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    Can't afford one. Wish i could.

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    Originally Posted by Shepherds Mush
    Just stating that whatever the weather, I'll be in that stadium supporting my club.
    Don't feel ashamed about having to justify why you're a supporter. The word is kind of self explanatory.
    Will renew.


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