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Thread: Ranieri sacked

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    Default Ranieri sacked

    Very surprised.

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    Unfortunate he did so well last season, but the writing has been on the wall for some. Leicester's predicament is definitely the fault of the players. They got big pay rises and don't seem to care. Also I don't think most people realized the impact of Konte last season.

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    Tinkered just a little bit too much

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    absolute shocking decision
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    should have got to the end of the season at least , the bloke won the premiership with little leicester ( miracle)

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    Should have at least got the return Champions league leg. They have every chance of getting through that. Crazy decision

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    Loyalty and respect were due to Ranieri for one of sport's biggest upsets of all time.

    You could look at his sacking as the owners saying last season was a fluke and nothing to do with him.

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    Wonder what the odds on that would have been in the summer.

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    Such a shame for him after what he achieved last season.
    Players should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.
    He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long

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    I hope Leicester go down and continue to fall through the divisions.

    I don't like them. Nasty fans, horrible club.
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    Should have had the job for life if he wanted.
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    Ahh, very tough one. Of course he won them the title and that was incredible. But in truth was it all down to him, no (Pearson had them playing well the end of the season before). And also if the new manager keeps Leicester up then it probably won't look like the wrong decision at the end of the season . The players aren't playing for him any more and there wasn't much more he could do.

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    Awful decision IMO - the man deserves better than this from the owners! Even if they did get relegated, still stick with him, let him promote them back. He performed an absolute miracle last season, something that may never be repeated again anywhere in sport. Clearly, as Mel says, losing Kante was a huge blow and the owners should have found a replacement and backed Ranieri to the hilt, whatever he wanted to do. Also as others have said, terrible timing between legs of the Champions League. The Champions League, and they're in it! Leicester FFS! Where's the gratitude?!

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    newspapers suggesting Morgan, Vardy, Allbrighton and Schmeical were the instigators in getting Ranieri the boot. Treacherous b's
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    Originally Posted by Brian Wilson
    Should have had the job for life if he wanted.
    Agree Brian. He should have the say on when he leaves. If we had been offered the opportunity to win the premier league but get relegated the next season we would snap their arms off. Ranieri has changed the careers of all the leicester players and this is the thanks he gets. Treacherous, back stabbing barstewards


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