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Sean Walsh , Katya Jones

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  • Sean Walsh , Katya Jones

    QPR fan Sean Walsh ,snogs Katya Jones ,after spending untold time intimately dancing with her ...........

    Thats fuc king news ?

    Mate, the geezer is only human , hes not even married ,no kids with his bird ...............
    Katya is a sort ,for me ,with no make up ( her, not me ! ) she is proper buff ,Sean is a red blooded male ,shes well tidy
    He wasnt caught boning her ,just kissing ,
    give the geezer a break for f ucks sake,

    who could blame him ..........honestly ?
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    Might as well give up on the world now mate.

    We have the inevitable outrage from the usual suspects over a kiss, WOMXN on toilet doors so as to avoid any link to men, a bloke allowed to rape women inmates in a prison where he was put because he identifies as a female and M&S selling hijabs for 3 year old girls.

    Had to laugh at Katie Hopkins asking them when they were going to be selling FGM starter kits though.


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      Looks like Sean might get a break today as the press seem to be more interested in some trotter from the royal family getting married later.
      She’s almost as far down the royal line as I am and performs fuk all royal duties but has opted to have a carriage procession through Windsor, costing the police millions more than it would do otherwise
      We’re paying for that apparently....
      “He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long”
      Will Danaher


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        Bet shes as bendy as fook
        you know nothing john snow!!!!


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          my old man god rest his soul used to say to me growing up , " do what'eva u like boy , as long as u don't get caught "


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            dont think the snog is a big a issue as him telling his ex she a fruit shoot for thinking he playing hide the sausage when he clearly was.
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